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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is HBase?

05m 57s

About The Author

00m 37s


06m 49s

When And Why HBase? - SQL

05m 58s

When And Why HBase? - Hadoop

06m 31s

Installing Java

02m 13s

What To Expect

02m 2s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Data Model

Logical Model - Tables And Rows

01m 53s

Logical Model - Updates And Deletes

05m 43s

Logical To Physical

03m 20s

HBase Column Families

05m 25s

Chapter: Interacting With Hbase

Local Installation

03m 31s

HBase Shell

06m 37s

Chapter: Building Your First Application

Introduction to Building An HBase Application

01m 35s

Setting Up Your Development Environment

05m 22s

Accessing HBase Data

06m 28s

Unit Testing

04m 49s

Running Apps On An HBase Cluster

03m 1s

Chapter: HBase Data Life Cycle

HBase IO Path

05m 50s

HBase Write - Durability

02m 46s

HBase Write - Consistency

04m 5s

HBase Write - Scalability

04m 2s

HBase Read - Block Cache

03m 40s

HBase Read - Compaction

02m 48s

HBase IO Splitting

02m 32s

HBase IO Summary

05m 30s

Chapter: Deploying Distributed HBase

Deploying HBase In The Cloud - Part 1

04m 37s

Deploying HBase In The Cloud - Part 2

04m 20s

Deploying HBase In The Cloud - Part 3

02m 37s

Setting Up A Proxy Into Your VPC

04m 16s

HBase Distributed Deployment Architecture

04m 44s

HBase And Hadoop Deployment Architecture

04m 53s

Chapter: HBase Application Architectures

HBase Application Archetypes

03m 27s

Archetype - Simple Entities

04m 35s

Archetype - Graph Entities

05m 15s

Archetype - Coupled And Time-Series Entities

06m 47s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

02m 25s