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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 7s

Using The Exercise Files

01m 15s

About Andy

04m 16s

Andys Top Ten

05m 6s

Chapter: Color Management Basics


01m 4s

Introduction To Color Management

04m 48s

Calibrating Your Color Display

03m 52s

Choose A Color Space

02m 47s

Synchronizing Color Settings

02m 17s

Customizing Color Settings

02m 38s

Acquiring Up-To-Date Printer Profiles

02m 7s

Changing Color Profiles

02m 34s

Chapter: Organizing With Bridge


01m 4s

Essential Bridge Preferences

05m 31s

Downloading Photos From A Camera

03m 44s

The Bridge Interface

05m 26s

Opening Images In Bridge

02m 31s

Customizing The Bridge Workspace

02m 4s

Saving Custom Workspaces

03m 13s

Creating Image Stacks

03m 18s

Searching For Files

02m 44s

Working With Favorites

03m 16s

Working With Keywords And Filters

05m 13s

Organizing With Collections

04m 55s

Chapter: Camera Raw


00m 59s

What Is Camera Raw

03m 51s

Essential Camera Raw Preferences

05m 49s

Loading Exercise Files

06m 37s

Working With The Basic Tab

05m 55s

Image Correction With Tonal Curve

04m 29s

Using The Detail Tab

04m 43s

HLS And Grayscale Controls

03m 59s

Split Toning

03m 8s

Working In Lens Correction

08m 26s

Using The Dehaze Effect

02m 16s

Synchronizing Files And Presets

03m 22s

Chapter: Creating And Saving Documents


00m 46s

Creating A New Document

03m 49s

Saving Time With Presets

02m 16s

Using Artboards

04m 4s

Working With Device Preview

01m 27s

Saving Files

06m 32s

Chapter: Working In Adobe Photoshop


00m 40s

The Photoshop Interface

05m 48s

Working Through Adobe Preferences

07m 44s

Arranging Documents

03m 59s

Controlling Image Size

04m 33s

Changing The Screen Mode

03m 45s

Changing The Photoshop Workspace

04m 35s

Saving Custom Workspaces

03m 32s

Utilizing The Photoshop Library

02m 46s

Chapter: Layer Essentials


00m 38s

Layers 101

04m 26s

The Background

05m 19s

Layer Selection Tricks

03m 19s

Stacking And Grouping Layers

04m 18s

Layer Panel Options

05m 31s

Merging Versus Flattening

03m 16s

Chapter: Selection And Masks


00m 42s

Selection 101

03m 2s

Working With The Marquee Tools

06m 18s

Working With The Lasso Tools

10m 8s

Working With The Wand Tools

09m 19s

Working With Refine Edge And Layer Masks

08m 30s

Using Quick Selection

04m 14s

Working With Focus Area

02m 33s

Chapter: Photoshop And History


00m 41s

History Panel Options

05m 27s

Working With Snapshots

04m 13s

The Amazing History Brush

07m 4s

Getting Creative With History

05m 43s

Working With The Art History Brush

02m 47s

Chapter: Working With Color


00m 40s

Color Versus Bit Depth

06m 12s

Photoshop Color Spaces

06m 28s

Using The Color Picker

04m 41s

Selecting Colors From An Image

02m 45s

Working In The Color Panel

04m 4s

The Eyedropper Tool

03m 0s

The Swatches Panel

06m 3s

The Library Connection

02m 0s

Chapter: Adjustment Layer Basics


00m 50s

Working With Adjustment Layers

03m 7s

Adjustment Layer Settings

05m 27s

Saving And Moving Presets

03m 51s

Using Adjustment Layer Masks

03m 25s

Chapter: More On Adjustments


00m 41s

Loading The Exercise Files

03m 4s

Correcting Images With Levels

07m 25s

Applying Photo Filters

05m 52s

Working With Exposure And Layer Masks

02m 56s

Down And Dirty Dodging And Burning

03m 57s

Performing A Grayscale Conversion

04m 0s

Working With Vibrance

03m 37s

Using The Auto Commands

02m 56s

Working With Smart Filters

03m 0s

Tinting Images Using Blending Modes

02m 50s

Chapter: Moving Images


00m 40s

Controlling Clipboard Memory

03m 53s

Copying In Single And Multiple Documents

08m 36s

Moving Layers Between Documents

02m 58s

Working With Align And Distribute

05m 21s

Creating A New Document From A Layer

01m 38s

Working With Photomerge

03m 0s

Chapter: Photoshop Brush Essentials


00m 36s

The Photoshop Brush Tool

05m 35s

Controlling The Brush

02m 56s

Working With Blending Modes

04m 24s

Working With The Brush Panel

06m 7s

Creating A New Brush

05m 4s

A Peek At The Mixer Brush Tool

05m 8s

Chapter: Retouching Essentials


00m 35s

Working With Match Color

05m 7s

The Replace Color Command

02m 52s

The Color Replacement Tool

04m 44s

Retouching Teeth And Eyes

04m 14s

The Clone Tool

05m 11s

The Spot Healing And Healing Brush Tools

05m 15s

Chapter: Layer Goodies And More


00m 46s

Loading Exercise Files

00m 39s

Opacity Versus Fill

02m 51s

Blending Multiple Layers

07m 37s

Creating A Clipping Group

04m 7s

Creating A Photo Collection With Layer Masks

06m 44s

Working With Puppet Warp

04m 26s

Working With Perspective Warp

05m 34s

Creating An HDR Image

06m 5s

Chapter: Layers, Filters, And Blending Modes


00m 51s

Using Smart Filter Layers

04m 22s

The Filter Gallery

05m 35s

Making Fire

04m 42s

Growing Trees

02m 36s

Generating A Frame

02m 30s

Painting With Blending Modes

05m 5s

Aging An Image Non-Destructively

03m 53s

Chapter: Working With Adobe Type


00m 48s

Using Adobe Typekit

03m 34s

Creating Editable Text

05m 19s

The Character Panel

07m 24s

Working With Paragraph Text

06m 27s

Working With Text Masks

03m 34s

Creating Character And Paragraph Styles

09m 12s

Applying Character And Paragraph Styles

03m 39s

Chapter: Good Things


00m 37s

Creating And Saving Styles

06m 59s

Placing Images

03m 44s

Working With Warp Text

03m 30s

Blending Options

03m 18s

Chapter: Presentation


00m 45s

Creating A Vignette

05m 6s

Creating An Artistic Border

02m 53s

Adding A Watermark

04m 3s

Creating A Contact Sheet

02m 51s

Creating A PDF Presentation

02m 50s

Working With Layer Comps

04m 55s

Exporting Layer Comps

02m 13s

Chapter: Printing And Exporting Photoshop Files


00m 54s

Cropping Techniques For Print

02m 58s

Soft Proofing And Gamut Warning

04m 9s

ICC Profiles And Printing

04m 57s

Saving For Other Applications

04m 25s

Working With Export Options

02m 34s

Wrap up

01m 38s