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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome and Introduction

Installation and Configuration

12m 11s

Documentation: User Guide, DSL Guide, and More

12m 10s

Sample Build Files

06m 45s

Where to Find Answers

04m 18s

Chapter: Enough Groovy to Get By

Static vs Dynamic Typing and Basic Syntax

09m 29s


17m 10s

Collections and Closures

18m 9s

Accessing the Google Geocoder

09m 38s

Chapter: Basic Project Builds

Java Projects

19m 28s

Groovy Projects

13m 52s

Directed Acyclic Graph and Source Sets

12m 5s

Project Properties and Dependencies

20m 54s

Chapter: Custom Tasks

Identifying, Defining, and Executing Tasks

25m 52s

Conditional Task Execution

12m 13s

Chapter: Miscellaneous Features

The Gradle Daemon

10m 23s

Other Command Line Options

09m 31s

Incubating Feature: The init Task

08m 8s

Chapter: Plugin Survey

Using Plugins

11m 2s

The Application Plugin

03m 25s

The War and Gretty Plugins

10m 24s

IDE Plugins

09m 25s

Chapter: Larger Examples

A Web App with a Generated Database

11m 30s

The Spock Testing Framework

18m 29s

The Spring Framework and Spring Boot

09m 51s

Android, Course Closing

12m 41s