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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Foundation

What Is a Framework?

02m 35s

Understanding the Working Environment

02m 42s

Installing Foundation

02m 36s

Why Use SASS?

02m 55s

Scaffolding Our Website

03m 1s

Chapter: Making Our Site Responsive

Learning Media Queries

03m 29s

Grasping the Grid System

02m 52s

Seeing Visibility Classes

03m 33s

Why to Go Mobile First?

02m 58s

Using interchange.js

02m 53s

Chapter: Navigating the Site

Browsing Off-canvas on Mobile

03m 1s

Incorporating the Top Bar

02m 36s

Implementing the Sticky-nav

02m 55s

Incorporating the Side-nav

03m 21s

Using Dropdowns

03m 13s

Chapter: Structuring the Content

Incorporating Tabs

02m 47s

Beautiful Typography

02m 50s

Implementing a Pricing Table

02m 35s

Learning Accordions

02m 36s

Using the Equalizer

02m 20s

Chapter: Adding Media Content

Incorporating Thumbnails

03m 10s

Understanding the Block Grid

02m 14s

Incorporating Flex-video

03m 27s

Learning 'interchange.js'

03m 49s

Using Lightboxes

02m 47s

Chapter: Constructing Forms

Creating Basic Forms

02m 11s

Understanding Form Utilities

02m 7s

Implementing Switches and Ranges

03m 12s

Using Abide Validation

02m 48s

Chapter: Buttons and UI Elements

Customizing Buttons

03m 29s

Using Panels and Alerts

02m 58s

Learning Tooltips

02m 5s

Adding Modals

02m 37s

Incorporating Pagination and Breadcrumbs

03m 30s

Chapter: Conclusions

Customizing Foundation

02m 51s

Optimizing for Deployment

02m 41s

Using Templates and the Zurb Playground

02m 41s

What Have We Learned So Far?

02m 55s

Where to Go from Here?

03m 21s