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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Django

The Course Overview

02m 48s

Installing Django and Creating Our Project

03m 1s

Understanding Apps

03m 45s

Creating Our Models

04m 59s

Using the Built-in Admin Interface

02m 48s

Chapter: Using Generic Views

What Are Views?

03m 19s

Using Django Templates

04m 3s

Generic Display Views

05m 54s

Template Inheritance and Parent Templates

05m 11s

Chapter: Authenticating Users

The User’s Model

05m 59s

Changing Our Models

03m 45s

Creating a Custom Profile

03m 29s

Generic Form Views

03m 57s

Chapter: Investigating Performance

Enabling the Django Debug Toolbar

01m 1s

Understanding Related Data

01m 52s

Customizing Our Home Page View's Query

01m 33s

Chapter: Deploying Our App

Introducing WSGI

01m 32s

Understanding Deployment

03m 18s

Deploying Our Application

01m 58s

Wrapping Up

01m 36s