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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with an Angular Project

The Course Overview

02m 57s

"Angularizing" Your Existing Web Page

02m 30s

Bootstrapping an Angular Application

03m 36s

Chapter: Controllers and Templates

Defining a Controller

04m 10s

Displaying Data Dynamically

03m 16s

Repeating Content for All Items in a List

03m 19s

Area of Influence of a Controller

05m 32s

Chapter: User Interactions and Data Binding

Adding Interactions to the Template

05m 58s

Creating Corresponding Controller Logic

06m 50s

Reading Data from the Template

06m 43s

Conditionally Showing/Hiding Elements

07m 6s

Chapter: App Routing

Route Declaration and the ng-view Directive

07m 3s

Creating New Routes

05m 14s

Routing with Parameter

05m 16s

Creating Links

07m 2s

Chapter: Loading External Data

Making AJAX Calls via $http

05m 59s

Handling Responses via Success and Error Callbacks

04m 52s

Building GET and POST Requests

07m 51s

Making Cross-domain Requests Using JSONP

08m 52s

Chapter: Introducing Services

Separating the Loading of Data from the Controller

06m 21s

Introducing the "factory" Type of Service

05m 44s

Injecting Your Own Services

03m 57s

Implementing Persistence

07m 55s