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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Course Overview

02m 18s

Configuration with nconf

10m 16s

Getting to Know Winston

10m 22s

Installing and Using Nunjucks

06m 16s

Chapter: Consuming Services

Consuming the Instagram API

04m 49s

Showing the Results on a Page

06m 46s

Caching Requests in Memory

05m 37s

Chapter: Proving That Our Application Works

Installing Mocha

05m 0s

Refactoring to Make Things Testable

04m 38s

Mocking to Remove Dependencies

07m 13s

Spying with Sinon.js

06m 31s

Chapter: Let's Get Real-time


03m 53s

Sending and Receiving Data in Real-time

08m 18s

Scoping Data to Individual Users

06m 58s

Adding a Chat Room

02m 53s

Chapter: Advanced Express


06m 11s

Mounting Sub-applications

03m 35s

Serving Content Conditionally for AJAX

06m 4s

Persistence with Sequelize and MySQL

09m 5s

Chapter: Security

HTTPS and Express

09m 34s

Preventing CSRF

08m 2s

Using Helmet to Make Your App More Secure

03m 31s

Chapter: Shipping to Production

Improving Performance with Node.js Cluster

05m 2s

Nginx and Node.js

02m 50s

Using Supervisord to Keep Things Running

08m 30s

Chapter: Using Larger Express Applications

08m 53s

07m 57s