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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Grunt

The Course Overview

02m 2s

What Is Grunt?

02m 5s

Installing Plug-ins

03m 8s

Chapter: Running Grunt

Ways to Run Grunt

03m 30s

Grunt Use Cases

03m 5s

Initializing a Project

02m 2s

Chapter: Code Compiling

Using Grunt Connect

01m 52s

Compiling SASS with CSS

02m 52s

Using Targets

01m 54s

Chapter: File Manipulation

File Moving and Renaming

02m 2s

CSS/JS Concatenation

01m 30s

Image Minification

03m 27s

Chapter: Testing

Syntax Testing with JSLint

03m 14s

Unit Testing with QUnit

02m 26s

Behavior Testing with Behat

03m 0s

Chapter: Deployment

Creating a Deployment Package

04m 5s

Git Integration

02m 37s

Moving Files to Production

02m 36s

Chapter: Running Custom Commands

Run a Basic CLI Command

03m 37s

Using Prompts

02m 36s

Creating Plug-ins

03m 45s