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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Overview And About The Author

02m 25s

What Is Azure Search And Who Is Using It?

03m 2s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: About The Service

How Does The Service Work?

05m 35s

Service, Index, Field, Document, Suggester, Data Source And Indexer

11m 5s

Minimum And Maximum Constraints

06m 53s

Data Type Constraints

04m 49s

Chapter: Getting Started

Create An Azure Search Service

04m 0s

Create An Index

11m 4s

Basic Index Management Operations

09m 7s

Other Service Management Operations

09m 51s

Chapter: Querying An Index

Populating A Search Store With Documents

05m 47s

Query An Index Using

08m 37s

Simple Syntax

13m 4s

Auto-Next Page

03m 39s

Getting Suggestions

08m 18s

Highlight Results

03m 43s

Get Facet Results

12m 57s

Chapter: Scoring Profiles

How Is The Score Calculated?

05m 50s

Boosting Newer Documents

07m 8s

Boosting Documents Based On Tags

08m 10s

Boosting Documents Based On Location

06m 31s

Chapter: Syncing Data Stores - Indexer Model

Create A Data Source And Indexer

04m 37s

Change Detection And Deletion Markers

12m 22s

Manually Run Indexer And Get Status Reports

05m 31s

Chapter: Advanced Scenarios

Scale For More QPS And High Availability

03m 4s

Scale For More Documents And Higher Write Throughput

02m 6s

Tighten Security Via CORS

02m 21s

Chapter: Conclusions


02m 29s

Wrap Up

01m 8s