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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is 123D Design And Who Uses It?

02m 2s

What You Will Learn From This Course

01m 9s

About The Author

01m 11s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Interface

The Interface

07m 2s

Primitive Solids And Sketches

07m 35s

Measuring Distances

05m 20s

Sketching On Workplanes, Copy And Paste

06m 32s

Save To Computer And Cloud Account

03m 46s

Chapter: Basic Tools And Techniques

Combine, Subtract, Fillet, Extrude, And Snap

04m 51s

Spline, Revolve, And Tweak

05m 3s

Mirror, Offset, 3 Point Arc, And Scale

04m 33s

Circle Pattern

01m 51s

Text, Group, Combine, And Merge

03m 17s

Split Solid And Chamfer

02m 42s

Displays And Materials

01m 56s

Rectangular Pattern, And Non-Uniform Scale

02m 20s

Chapter: Advanced Tools And Techniques

Sketch Fillet

03m 41s

Import An SVG File

03m 21s

Combine, Merge, And Fillet

02m 4s

Loft And Sweep

03m 10s

Import And Edit An STL File

02m 38s

Chapter: 3D Print The Model

Export A 123DX File To STL And 123D Meshmixer

01m 54s

123D Meshmixer's Analysis Tools

03m 40s

Chapter: Conclusion

What We've Learned

01m 12s