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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And What To Expect

03m 27s

About The Author

04m 42s

Introduction To The Movielens Dataset

01m 41s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started With Hadoop

Your First Hadoop Dataset - CSV To SQL Query

06m 44s

Describing Your Data With A Schema

10m 6s

Creating The Dataset

10m 20s

Loading Sample Data

09m 56s

Querying A Dataset

05m 58s

Chapter: Partitioning

Introduction to Partitioning

07m 25s

Testing Partition Strategies

17m 12s

Partitioning Patterns

13m 16s

Chapter: Formats

Introduction To File Formats

14m 1s

Hadoop File Formats - Why Splitability Matters

05m 48s

Hadoop File Formats Review

13m 43s

Chapter: Avro


03m 45s

Avro File Format

07m 31s

Avro Shemas

10m 0s

Avro Object Models

11m 5s

Avro Tools

07m 44s

Chapter: Parquet


14m 57s

Parquet File Formats

12m 0s

Parquet Object Models

05m 15s

Parquet Tools

10m 23s

Chapter: Bulk Data Drops

Application Pattern Overview - Bulk Data Drops

08m 34s

Apache Nifi - Part 1

07m 34s

Apache Nifi - Part 2

06m 39s

Using Apache Nifi

05m 13s

Preparing The Datasets

11m 24s

Building The Data Flow - Part 1

15m 10s

Building The Data Flow - Part 2

14m 7s

Chapter: Database Snapshots And Mirroring

Application Pattern Database Snapshots And Mirroring

06m 14s

Introduction To Apache Sqoop

08m 51s

Table Snapshots

10m 57s

Incremental Mirroring - Part 1

08m 10s

Incremental Mirroring - Part 2

10m 54s

Moving To Production

04m 18s

Chapter: Event Stream Processing

Application Pattern - Event Streams

07m 54s

Introduction To Apache Flume

06m 50s

Building A Pipeline - Part 1

09m 18s

Building A Pipeline - Part 2

14m 51s

Moving to Production

14m 14s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 50s