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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

02m 28s

About The Author

00m 57s

Introduction To Distributed Version Control

05m 44s

Git Fundamentals

05m 17s

Chapter: Getting Started

Getting Started

01m 24s

Configuring Visual Studio

03m 44s

Creating A Repository

03m 30s

Opening A Repository

04m 19s

Cloning A Repository

04m 5s

Chapter: Working With Local Repositories

Introduction To Local Repositories

01m 9s

Making Changes In A Repository

04m 39s

Reviewing Changes

03m 11s

Committing Changes

04m 23s

Amending A Commit

03m 30s

History - Part 1

05m 47s

History - Part 2

04m 13s

Undoing Changes

04m 4s

Chapter: Branching And Merging

Introduction To Branches

01m 40s

Creating Branches

05m 53s

Switching Branches

04m 15s

Merging - Part 1

04m 38s

Merging - Part 2

05m 24s


04m 3s

Chapter: Working With Remote Repositories

Introduction To Remote Repositories

01m 26s

Creating A Branch From A Remote Branch

03m 15s

Downloading Changes - Fetching

03m 17s

Downloading Changes - Pulling

02m 36s

Uploading Your Changes - Pushing

04m 8s

Uploading Your Changes - Syncing

02m 55s

Working With Multiple Remotes And Deploying To A Hosting Platform

03m 21s

Chapter: Working With Visual Studio Online

Introduction To Visual Studio Online

01m 37s

Cloning A Repository From Visual Studio Online

03m 29s

Publishing A Repository To Visual Studio Online

02m 45s

Associating Work Items With Commits

03m 33s

Pull Requests

04m 8s

Chapter: Working With GitHub

Getting Started With GitHub In Visual Studio

01m 56s

Cloning And Creating Repositories

03m 7s

Two Factor Authentication

02m 41s

Code Review With Pull Requests - Part 1

04m 3s

Code Review With Pull Requests - Part 2

03m 3s

Chapter: Interacting With Command Line Tools

Introduction To The Git Command Line

01m 37s

Installing Git For Windows

02m 16s

Adding Custom Git Commands To Visual Studio

05m 8s

Git Bash And Posh-Git From Visual Studio

03m 55s

Using The Visual Studio Merge Tool From Git

03m 33s

Chapter: Wrap Up


02m 21s