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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Data Exploration

Opportunities and Goals

04m 33s

The State of Data

03m 4s

Data Optimism

02m 52s

Chapter: Getting Started

Software Setup, IPython, and Import and Validation

11m 54s

Data Organization

04m 45s

Chapter: Visualizing Distributions

PMFs and CDFs

15m 13s

Chapter: Relationships Between Variables


13m 52s

Correlation and Least Squares

11m 48s

Chapter: Statistical Inference

Introduction to Statistical Inference

05m 44s

Effect Size

12m 59s

Effect Size, Difference in Proportions

06m 18s

Quantifying Precision

20m 46s

Hypothesis Testing

16m 34s

Chapter: Regression

Linear Regression

20m 33s

Logistic Regression

11m 47s

Chapter: Modeling Distributions

Modeling Distributions

14m 16s

Chapter: Survival Analysis

Survival Analysis

17m 2s

Chapter: Inspection Paradox

Inspection Paradox

16m 3s