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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


03m 9s

Setting Up A Lab - VMs

02m 44s

Targets - Vulnerable Hosts

03m 45s

Targets - Vulnerable Web Apps

04m 8s

Kali Linux

02m 55s

Chapter: Reconnaissance

Google Hacking

03m 21s

More Google Hacking

04m 22s

Google Hacking Database

03m 36s


05m 27s


05m 53s

Browser Plugins - Wappalyzer

03m 23s

Browser Plugins - PassiveRecon

04m 54s

SSL-Certificate Inspection

05m 5s

Browser Plugins - Cookie Watcher

04m 24s

Using Job Sites

03m 32s

Social Networking Investigation

03m 21s

Passive Fingerprinting With p0f

05m 6s

Web Recon Using recon-ng

03m 30s

DNS Reconnaissance Using DNSRecon And DSNWalk

03m 35s

Determining Firewall Rules Using Firewalk

02m 52s

Using TheHarvester To Gather Information

02m 12s


04m 13s

Chapter: Scanning


03m 37s

SYN Scanning

03m 52s

OS Identification

04m 25s

UDP Scanning

03m 5s

FIN Scanning

03m 31s

Idle Scanning

03m 36s

nmap Scripting

04m 34s

Writing nmap Scripts

04m 52s

Using Telnet To Perform Port Analysis

03m 17s


02m 23s

Fast Scanning – Massscan

04m 28s

Massscan For Heartbleed

02m 59s

More Fast Scanning – ZMap

04m 22s

Evasion Using Fragroute

03m 11s

Custom Packet Creation Using hping3

04m 44s

Chapter: Vulnerability Analysis

Setting Up OpenVAS

03m 5s

Starting An OpenVAS Scan

03m 47s

Generating OpenVAS Report

04m 49s


02m 47s

Starting Nessus Scan

03m 1s

Reporting From Nessus

03m 44s


02m 39s

Starting Nexpose Scan

03m 43s

Reporting From Nexpose

04m 3s


03m 56s

Vulnerability Research Using CVEs

04m 17s


03m 0s

Chapter: Metasploit

Intro To Metasploit

03m 21s


02m 25s

Adding Hosts To The Database

03m 35s

Importing Vulnerability Scans

02m 26s

Searching Exploits

03m 40s

Using Metasploit For Scans

04m 49s

Exploits With Metasploit

03m 47s


03m 37s


03m 22s

Social Engineering Toolkit

03m 54s

Scripting Metasploit

04m 20s

Chapter: Web Site Testing


03m 19s

Locating Hidden Information With w3af

03m 7s

Brute Force Attacks With Burp Intruder

04m 10s

Scanning With OWASP ZAP

03m 26s

Fuzzing With ZAP

03m 8s

Passive Scanning With Ratproxy

02m 45s

Spike Proxy

02m 59s

SSLScan For Weak Ciphers

03m 20s

Man In The Middle With SSLStrip

03m 32s

Using Skipfish

03m 34s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

What We Covered

03m 15s

Next Steps

02m 58s


00m 31s