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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction And Getting Started

Introductions and Course Overview

03m 39s

About the Author

01m 30s

What is Linux

02m 10s

Popular Linux Distributions

04m 24s

Setting Up Your System

02m 5s

Linux and Virtual Box

09m 47s

Linux and Vagrant

08m 30s

VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Local Tools

06m 6s

Setting Up Your Local Environment - Ubuntu

07m 4s

Setting Up Your Local Environment - CentOS

07m 48s

Linux In A Cloud - AWS EC2

08m 38s

Advanced Tools - Test Kitchen

09m 23s

Advanced Tools - Containers and Docker

13m 27s

Chapter: Foundations

Command Line Navigation With Bash

08m 9s

Running Commands And Programs

10m 48s

Linux Filesystem Hierarchy

11m 51s

Basic File Management Commands

09m 17s

Finding Files With Locate, Which, And Find

08m 53s

Getting Help From The Command Line

06m 33s

Chapter: File Manipulation

Redirecting Output To Files

07m 36s

Data Flow With Pipes

09m 7s

Editing Files With Nano (Simple Text Editing)

05m 16s

Basic Text Editing In VI/VIM

09m 39s

Intermediate VI/VIM (File Manipulation In Command Mode)

07m 33s

Advanced VI/VIM (Search/Replace, Executing Commands, Visual Mode)

08m 15s

Chapter: Users And Groups

User Management Foundations

10m 25s

Creating And Deleting Users And Groups

13m 10s

Password Aging And Management

08m 24s

Best Practice Workflow

14m 53s

Chapter: Software Management

Software Installation With YUM And RPM (CentOS/RHEL)

12m 45s

Software Installation With Apt And Dpkg (Ubuntu)

11m 31s

Updating Software And Planning Update Cycles (CentOS/RHEL)

11m 8s

Updating Software And Planning Update Cycles (Ubuntu)

08m 40s

Chapter: Service Management

Processes And Running Services

13m 7s

Managing Running Services In CentOS 6 Derivatives (Init/Upstart)

10m 32s

Managing Running Services In CentOS 7 Derivatives (Systemd)

12m 6s

Managing Running Services In Ubuntu

08m 31s

Maintenance And Logging

12m 50s

Service Configuration And Etc

05m 51s

Chapter: Networking Basics

Networking Tools

07m 59s

Network And Hostname Configuration

05m 44s

Network Services

07m 19s

Iptables Firewalls

09m 8s

Chapter: System Security

File Permissions

07m 45s

Administrative Rights, Sudo, And Setuid

07m 52s

Security Standards

05m 3s

Introduction To SELinux

10m 35s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

03m 36s