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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


02m 31s

About The Author

01m 10s

Course Goals

02m 24s

Course Prerequesities

02m 15s

How To Use the Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Compare And Contrast Angular And React

Why Do We Use Web Frameworks?

04m 22s

Web Frameworks In A Nutshell

03m 54s

Angular Overview

02m 47s

What Does Angular Manage

02m 51s

An Introduction To React

02m 22s

What Does React Manage

01m 1s

Similarities Between React And Angular

02m 31s

Taking Note Of The Differences

04m 53s

Chapter: Combining Angular And React

Angular's Strengths

02m 14s

Angular's Weaknesses

02m 21s

Prototyping With Angular

02m 42s

Improving Prototypes With React

02m 1s

Understanding JSX

02m 13s

Chapter: Building A Simple Mailbox Application With Angular And React

Setting Up A Scaffold For Our Application

02m 24s

Setting Up AngularJS

01m 53s

Configuring A Route

03m 46s

Representing And Displaying A Message Inbox

01m 17s

Implementing A Message Service

02m 17s

Implementing A Message Repeater In Angular

02m 38s

Creating A Message View

02m 27s

Creating A Route For Messages With UI-Router

05m 0s

Installing JSX Dependencies

02m 40s

JSX Compilation In Gulp

04m 14s

Setting Up A React Repeater

07m 17s

Implementing The React Repeater In Our App

05m 16s

Style And Wrap-Up

02m 12s

Chapter: Conclusion

Angular And React Review

01m 41s

Continuing Your Education

05m 49s

Thank You

00m 52s