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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part 1: Introduction

Introduction to Scalable Machine Learning

11m 12s

Some Machine Learning Background

12m 29s

Algorithms for Large Scale Learning

20m 9s

Chapter: Part 2: Hadoop And Friends

Overview of Hadoop and Current Big Data Systems

14m 0s

Chapter: Part 3: Programming for Data Flow Systems

How Programming for Data Flow Differs

16m 11s

Basic Spark

19m 13s

Working with Vectors and Matrices in Spark

34m 53s

A Brief Tour of Spark ML

29m 40s

Chapter: Part 4: Beyond Paralleization

Approximation is the Key

15m 34s

Chapter: Part 5: Practical Big Data

Practical Big Data

06m 56s

Size vs. Complexity

05m 6s


02m 53s