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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Functional Programming

The Course Overview

03m 54s

What Is Functional Programming?

04m 7s

Your First Functional Programming Concepts

03m 33s

Chapter: Higher Order Functions

First-class Functions

02m 41s

Passing Functions as Arguments

08m 31s

Returning Functions

04m 39s

Chapter: Functional Asynchrony


05m 14s

Continuation Passing Style

06m 33s


10m 33s

Chapter: Function Composition

Partial Function Application

07m 4s


08m 44s


07m 1s

Chapter: Immutability

What Is Immutability?

06m 45s

Working with Immutability

08m 59s

Immutability in the UI

06m 0s

Mechanics and Performance

06m 59s

Chapter: Recursion

Recursive Thinking

07m 24s

A Recursive AST Parser

07m 15s


04m 47s

Chapter: Laziness

Lazy Evaluation

08m 46s

Lazy Sequences

05m 45s

Infinite Sequences

05m 11s