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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up the Environment

The Course Overview

01m 59s

Text Editor

02m 20s

Command-line Interface

01m 52s

Version Control

01m 54s


01m 2s


02m 26s


01m 11s


00m 58s

Chapter: Getting Started

Project Structure

02m 3s

The Request-Response Cycle

01m 13s

Creating a Home Page

01m 40s

Making Templates

01m 52s


01m 46s

Using Static Files

02m 4s

Saving to GitHub

03m 1s

Deploying to Heroku

01m 58s

Creating an About Page

04m 28s


00m 33s

Chapter: Storing Data

Creating the "users" Table

05m 8s

Connecting Flask to Postgres

02m 12s

Writing the User Model

02m 37s

Chapter: Signing Up

Installing Flask-WTF

02m 9s

Creating a Form

01m 26s

Rendering a Form

07m 48s

Validating Form Data - Part 1

04m 16s

Validating Form Data - Part 2

02m 2s

Saving a New User

02m 13s

Chapter: Logging In and Logging Out


03m 33s

Sign In

05m 23s

Sign Out

02m 31s

Chapter: Authorization/User Roles


02m 16s

Protecting the Home Page

01m 54s

Protecting the Signup and Login Pages

02m 41s

Chapter: Bookmarking Places


01m 54s

Adding a Form

03m 33s

Querying for Places

05m 29s

Rendering Places

03m 14s


00m 49s