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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Java Web Development

The Course Overview

03m 28s

Web Application Technologies

04m 45s

Java Web Frameworks

04m 23s

Data Persistence

03m 30s


04m 11s

Chapter: Setting Up Our Toolbox

Java Development Kit

03m 13s

Apache Maven

02m 18s

The Eclipse IDE

02m 22s

The Spring Framework

03m 45s

Apache Tomcat

02m 58s

Chapter: Designing CassandraWebTrader

User Requirements

02m 57s

Modules and Functions

03m 19s

The Data Model

02m 16s

The Class Model

02m 55s

The Screen Design

02m 48s

Chapter: Understanding the Spring Framework

The Spring Core

06m 14s

The Spring Web MVC

04m 52s

Spring Security

02m 44s

Spring Data Cassandra

06m 14s

Spring Integration

05m 41s

Chapter: Deep Diving into Spring Data Cassandra

The Core Concepts

04m 50s

The Query Methods

03m 33s

Cassandra Template

03m 15s


04m 8s

Administration Template

05m 7s

Chapter: Building CassandraWebTrader - Part 1

The Spring Web MVC Architecture

05m 10s

Forms and Annotations

03m 42s

Responsive Web Applications with Bootstrap

04m 40s

Making Charts with D3.js

03m 27s

E-mail Setup

02m 59s

Chapter: Building CassandraWebTrader - Part 2


04m 12s


07m 58s

Data Feed and the Scheduler

04m 52s

JSON and the Stock Chart

04m 43s

Registration and Flash Messages

04m 54s

Chapter: Building CassandraWebTrader - Part 3

Logging In and Authentication

05m 55s

Trading Signal

04m 19s

Signal History

04m 10s

E-mail Alerts

04m 41s

User Role and Authorization

03m 34s

Chapter: Deploying to Production

Send E-mail Alerts to Members

03m 40s

Retrieve Forgotten Password

03m 1s

Refine and Clean Up

03m 2s

The Spring Boot Actuator

03m 24s

Deploying the Spring Boot Application

05m 50s

Chapter: Conclusion

Course Wrap-up

03m 6s

Further References

04m 26s