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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

The Course Overview

03m 20s

Setting Up a Development Area

04m 58s

Basic Configuration

03m 50s

Chapter: Getting Started

Creating Tasks

04m 13s

Configuring Tasks

04m 56s

Working with Files

06m 22s


05m 9s

Chapter: Basic Workflow Tasks

Running Static Analysis

05m 29s

Transcompiling CoffeeScript

03m 44s

Preprocessing with SASS

04m 32s

Minfying Code – Uglify and CSSMin

04m 38s

Running the Site in a Web Server

09m 42s

Chapter: Advanced Workflow Tasks

Developing with RequireJS

10m 13s

Unit Testing with Jasmine and Karma

08m 47s

Creating Coverage Reports

07m 24s

Chapter: Working with Git

Installing and Initialising Git

04m 50s

Adding New and Changed Files

06m 26s

Committing Changes

04m 52s

Rebasing on to Master

09m 25s

Chapter: Building a Grunt Plugin

Grunt init and the Plugin Template

04m 57s

Creating the Plugin

03m 4s

Working with Configuration Options

04m 29s

Testing the Plugin

06m 19s

Integrating with the Plugin

05m 3s

Chapter: Continuing Learning

Breaking Down the Gruntfile

03m 56s

Troubleshooting Common Problems

05m 28s

Additional Resources

03m 13s