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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


04m 13s

About The Author

01m 34s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Data Types And Initialisation


03m 35s


04m 57s


08m 40s


04m 2s

Data Alignment

05m 30s

Universal Initialisation

05m 58s

Hands On

02m 10s

Chapter: Function Parameters Returns And Overloading


01m 19s

Reference Parameters

08m 0s

Arrays As Parameters

03m 58s

Returned Values

07m 39s

Pointer Parameters

01m 39s

Function Overloading

04m 7s

Optional Parameters

03m 10s

Hands On

03m 50s

Chapter: Implementing Classes


04m 1s

Modifier And Query Functions

01m 19s

Class Initialisation

06m 27s

Default And Delete

01m 48s

Constructor Chaining

03m 21s

Class Destruction

03m 34s

Class Inlining

03m 5s

Static Class Members

08m 28s

Hands On

00m 59s

Chapter: Advanced Class Construction

Construction Issues

08m 1s

Copy Construction

04m 39s

Reducing Copying

08m 51s

Conversion Constructors

05m 11s


07m 37s

Implicit And Explicit Conversion

01m 55s

Hands On

02m 19s

Chapter: More Pointers


04m 8s

Pointers To CHAR

08m 27s

Pointer Arithmetic

03m 3s

Placement New

06m 3s

Pointers To Functions

07m 38s

Introduction To Lambdas

05m 33s

Pointers To Pointers

04m 54s

Pointer Scope

07m 53s

Smart Pointers

11m 6s

Hands On

01m 9s

Chapter: Object Relationships


04m 17s

Implementing Association

05m 46s

Implementing Aggregation

07m 59s

Hands On

01m 35s

Chapter: Global Operator Overloading


04m 22s

Global Operators

07m 2s

Symmetric Binary Operators

04m 35s

I/O Stream Operators

03m 28s

Hands On

01m 31s

Chapter: Class Member Operator Overloading

Member Operators

11m 0s

Unary Operators

06m 37s

Copy Construction Revisited

04m 3s

Operator =

05m 4s

Conversion Operators

05m 7s

Pitfalls And Guidelines

02m 21s

Hands On

00m 56s

Chapter: Inheritance And Polymorphism

Public Private And Protected Inheritance

03m 8s

Polymorphism Review

03m 28s

Virtual Class Destructors

01m 31s

Pure Virtual Functions

01m 51s

Abstract Classes And Interfaces

02m 56s

Override And Final

01m 55s

Multiple Inheritance

05m 11s

Hands On

01m 10s

Chapter: Standard Template Library


05m 55s

STL String

06m 9s

STL Sequence Containers

07m 42s

STL Container Adaptors

04m 32s

STL Associative Containers

07m 40s

STL Iterators

04m 30s

STL Algorithms

03m 47s

STL Performance

03m 4s

Hands On

00m 53s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

02m 10s