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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What To Expect

02m 57s

About The Author

00m 59s

Why Choose Django?

02m 47s

How Django Works

02m 4s

Setting Up A Virtual Environment For Our Project

03m 27s

Generating Our First Django Project

08m 9s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Managing Data

Basic Models And Model Fields

03m 38s

Migrations - A Brief Introduction

01m 48s

Using Django Shell To Create And Query Models

03m 58s

The Django Admin - An Introduction

03m 28s

Creating Relationships Between Models

03m 18s

Model Methods

03m 56s

Turbo Charging Our Admin

05m 38s

Chapter: Views, URLs And Templates

Our First URL And View - Understanding The Request Response Cycle

03m 45s

Creating Our First Template And Displaying Dynamic Data

03m 32s

Querying Our Data And Using It In Our View

06m 28s

Trying Out Class-Based Views

03m 57s

Class-Based Generic Views

05m 55s

Better HTML With Extends And Includes

03m 20s

Creating Links And Adding Static Resources

02m 44s

Chapter: Forms

Creating And Displaying Our First Form

06m 17s

Saving Form Data

02m 7s

Trying Out Model Forms With Class-Based Views

03m 34s

Using CreateView And Controlling Form Rendering

05m 44s

Writing Custom Form Validation

02m 41s

Chapter: Users

Supporting Users In Our Application

07m 18s

Restricting User Access

02m 47s

Logging Users In And Out

05m 0s

Chapter: Testing Your Django Application

Setting Up And Running Tests

04m 9s

Creating Factories With FactoryBoy

07m 18s

Testing Models

06m 44s

Testing Our ListBooks View

05m 37s

Testing Class Based Views

07m 48s

Testing Forms

06m 28s

Chapter: Deployment

Connecting With GitHub And Configuring Our Local Settings

08m 10s

Setting Up A Continuous Integration Server

04m 41s

Serving Your Application With Heroku

07m 57s

Troubleshooting And Setting Up Our First User

03m 50s

Chapter: Conclusion

Resources And Where To Go From Here

03m 46s

Wrap Up

00m 29s