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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

03m 30s

About The Author

01m 54s

Overview Of Web Animation

04m 22s

The Benefits Of After Effects

03m 5s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Animation Fundamentals

Animation As A User Experience

03m 8s

The Principles Of Animation Part - 1

05m 22s

The Principles Of Animation Part - 2

03m 2s

Best Practices For Interactive Animation

04m 25s

Chapter: Role Of Design In UX Animation

Design For Animation Part - 1

01m 56s

Design For Animation Part - 2

04m 54s

Chapter: Photoshop To After Effects

Photoshop To After Effects Part - 1

02m 44s

Photoshop To After Effects Part - 2

02m 35s

Photoshop To After Effects Part - 3

04m 33s

Photoshop To After Effects Part - 4

04m 57s

Chapter: After Effects Overview

The Components Of After Effects

03m 50s

Importing Files Into After Effects

03m 29s

The Power Of Nesting

04m 34s

Chapter: Animation Basics In After Effects

Animating Position

07m 57s

Hotkeys And Layer Masks

04m 12s

Animating Scale

03m 32s

Animating Anchor Point And Rotation

07m 34s

Chapter: Applying Animation Principles In After Effects

Easy Ease

06m 9s

Finesse And Timing Part - 1

04m 31s

Finesse And Timing Part - 2

05m 8s

Chapter: Example Project: Mobile Web Layout

Preview Of Mobile Design Prototype

03m 37s

Designing In After Effects

05m 26s

Advanced Animation - Importing Video

04m 6s

Advanced Animation - Adding Depth Part - 1

05m 35s

Advanced Animation - Adding Depth Part - 2

05m 52s

Chapter: Example Project: Microsite For Tourist Destination

Overview Of Design

06m 14s

The Spoiler

06m 49s

Clean-Up Photoshop Import

05m 29s

Import Video

06m 7s

Camera And Layer Setup

06m 49s

Layer Depth Adjustments

04m 31s

Step And Repeat

05m 10s

Build-On Animation

06m 12s

Title Reveal Part - 1

06m 28s

Title Reveal Part - 2

04m 15s

Title Reveal Part - 3

04m 40s

Component Animation

05m 5s

Setting Up Paralax

07m 12s

Animating The Scroll

06m 37s

Finalize And Render

05m 6s

Chapter: Example Project: Motion Sketching A Touch Installation

Prototyping A Touch Installation

06m 43s

Motion Sketching - Exploration And Design

04m 17s

Motion Sketching - Animation Part - 1

05m 55s

Motion Sketching - Animation Part - 2

05m 44s

Motion Sketching - Rendering

02m 19s

Chapter: Conclusion

Adding After Effects Prototyping To Your Workflow

05m 17s

Helpful Resources

04m 9s

Staying Ahead Of The Next Big Thing

04m 23s