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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Design Sprint

02m 4s

Why a Sprint?

05m 17s

When Not to do a Sprint

02m 59s


04m 49s

Chapter: Phase 1

Phase 1 – Understand

02m 56s

Get the Background

03m 16s

Get Inspired

02m 19s

Existing Product, Competitors, & Substitutes

01m 35s

Facts and Assumptions

04m 25s

Problem Statement

01m 34s

Challenge Map(s)

02m 46s

Who / Do

02m 39s


01m 12s

User Discovery

02m 22s

Wrap Up

04m 58s

Chapter: Phase 2

Phase 2 – Diverge

01m 52s

Gear Up

03m 13s

Generate Solutions/Wrap Up

06m 8s

Chapter: Phase 3

Phase 3 – Converge

01m 36s

Get Started/Scrutinize Your Work

03m 8s

Wireframe Prototype

06m 35s

Chapter: Phase 4

Phase 4 – Build

01m 10s

Build Prototype

02m 29s

Structure Interviews

04m 11s

Chapter: Phase 5

Phase 5 – Test

01m 4s

Test Interviews

01m 8s

Mock Interview

03m 8s

Sprint Retrospective

03m 51s

Conclusion and Next Steps

01m 9s