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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Matplotlib

03m 8s

About The Course

02m 53s

About The Author

00m 48s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: First Steps

Getting The Code

04m 21s

Installing Matplotlib

18m 31s

Quick Exploratory Data Analysis Example

18m 46s

Using Matplotlib With Jupyter

07m 16s

The Interfaces Of Matplotlib: Pylab, pyplot And OO API

10m 3s

Chapter: pyplot

Introduction To pyplot

09m 33s

The Plot Function

10m 8s

More Plotting

12m 19s

Custom Plotting - Parallel Coordinates

07m 18s


06m 40s

Adjusting Subplot Parameters

02m 26s

Custom Plotting - Scatterplot Matrix

05m 17s

Complex Subplots

05m 3s

Chapter: Under The Hood

The Matplotlib Architecture

09m 37s

Anatomy Of A Graphic

03m 44s

How pyplot Works

13m 40s

Troubleshooting pyplot Issues

08m 26s

Chapter: Configuring Matplotlib

Configuration: rcParams And matplotlibrc

08m 50s

Style Sheets

07m 28s

Custom Style Sheets

09m 18s

Chapter: Interactivity

Event Handling

12m 58s

Creating An Interface With ipywidgets

07m 43s

Refining An ipywidgets Interface

14m 25s

Chapter: Maps In Matplotlib

What Is A Map Projection?

04m 51s


08m 44s

Creating A Choropleth With Matplotlib

16m 10s

Creating A Dot Density Map

14m 47s

Chapter: The Matplotlib Ecosystem


09m 20s


10m 19s

The Web

13m 21s

Chapter: Conclusion


01m 34s