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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

01m 27s

The Pre-iPhone Bad Old Days

07m 31s


05m 56s

Chapter: A Tale of 3 Cities

A Tale of 3 Cities

09m 6s

Native or HTML5?

20m 47s

The Pros and Cons of Native Mobile Development

18m 48s

Hybrid Solutions

06m 31s

Chapter: Viewport and Orientation

Screen != Window != Viewport

06m 15s

Screen Size != Screen Resolution

08m 46s

Viewport Meta Options

05m 9s

Media Queries and Orientation

07m 33s

Chapter: Responsive Web Design

What is RWD?

03m 5s

Examples in the Wild

05m 52s

Fixed vs. Relative

16m 49s

Twitter Bootstrap

05m 42s

HTML5 Input Types and Virtual Keyboards

16m 38s

Chapter: Forms and Stupid Link Tricks

Input Element Modifiers

04m 48s

Stupid Link Tricks

06m 7s

Chapter: Airplane-Mode Web Development

iOS Mobile Web Apps

12m 31s

Android Mobile Web Apps

04m 31s

Chapter: Local Storage

Going Offline

07m 58s

Local and Session Storage

12m 11s


05m 19s


11m 43s

Chapter: Application Cache

Far-Future Expires Headers

17m 55s


13m 19s

Service Workers, Course Closing

05m 54s