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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is A Complete Web Application

13m 36s

About The Author

03m 3s

What Is PHP

10m 11s

What Is MySQL

08m 56s

What Is Javascript

09m 48s

What Is Jquery

07m 28s

Example Web Application -

07m 3s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Interface

Setting Up Your Computer

09m 47s

Installing A Local Server

04m 28s

Finding A Hosting Service

05m 56s

Using A Hosting Service

09m 23s

Chapter: Prerequisite Knowledge

Key Points Of Knowledge

08m 11s

Structure A Web Page With HTML

09m 22s

Formatting A Web Page With CSS

10m 7s

CSS Selectors

06m 23s

Javascript Basics: Assigning Values To Variables

09m 53s

Javascript Basics: Decision Statements

08m 11s

Javascript Basics: Loops

06m 21s

Javascript Basics: Functions

09m 35s

Javascript Basics: Arrays

09m 2s

Setting Up A Web Page To Use Jquery

10m 57s

Jquery: Selectors, Events, And Event Methods

06m 38s

PHP Basics: Assigning Values To Variables

11m 9s

PHP Basics: Decision Statements

08m 22s

PHP Basics: Loops

06m 23s

PHP Basics: Functions

09m 11s

PHP Basics: Arrays

07m 31s

MySQL Basics

08m 54s

MySQL Data Manipulation

07m 43s

Chapter: HTML, CSS, Graphics, Javascript, And Ajax

Requirements And Detailed Design

09m 48s

Developing A Web Application Template

07m 4s

Web Graphics Part - 1

09m 10s

Web Graphics Part - 2

05m 43s

Web Graphics Part - 3

07m 46s

Web Graphics Part - 4

08m 36s

Using CSS For Page Layout

09m 31s

Dynamic Javascript

10m 19s

Using Javascript To Change CSS Properties

09m 50s

Implementing Ajax With Javascript

10m 44s

Producing XML Using Ajax Part - 1

07m 32s

Producing XML Using Ajax Part - 2

11m 3s

Producing XML Using Ajax Part - 3

07m 6s

Using An HTML Form

06m 8s

Validating User Entries Part - 1

09m 4s

Validating User Entries Part - 2

06m 46s

Validating User Entries Part - 3

04m 23s

Creating A Footer

04m 26s

Chapter: Database Design And Implementation

Database Design Part - 1

08m 41s

Database Design Part - 2

06m 52s

Using PHPMyAdmin To Create Tables And Keys

07m 17s

Using PHPMyAdmin To Add, Change, Or Remove Data

07m 31s

Connecting PHP To MySQL Part - 1

07m 23s

Connecting PHP To MySQL Part - 2

08m 8s

Producing A Report In PHP With MySQL

10m 19s

Creating A Login Page

05m 0s

Saving Data To The Database

08m 49s

Chapter: Using Jquery

Integrating Jquery Into The Application

06m 37s

Using Jquery To Load HTML

03m 29s

Implementing Ajax With Jquery Part - 1

08m 14s

Implementing Ajax With Jquery Part - 2

08m 35s

Using Jquery To Validate User Entries

03m 55s

Using Jquery Widgets - Calendar

05m 49s

Chapter: Mobile Web Apps

How To Work With Mobile Devices

08m 4s

Using Jquery Mobile Part - 1

08m 43s

Using Jquery Mobile Part - 2

06m 47s

Using Jquery Mobile Part - 3

06m 29s

Deploying Your Web App

06m 29s

Chapter: Wrapping It Up

Testing And Validation

08m 44s

Using Social Media For Marketing

07m 40s

Security Considerations

07m 43s

Sending Email With PHP

03m 13s

Content Management Systems

07m 47s

Implementing A Shopping Cart

05m 24s

Wrapping It Up

06m 21s