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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Welcome

00m 52s

What You Should Know Before Watching This Course

01m 6s

Understanding The Exercise Files

00m 41s

What Is The Ionic Framework

01m 30s

Understanding Apache Cordova

02m 22s

Course Outline

00m 30s

Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started

Installing The Development Environment On A MAC

09m 21s

Installing The Development Environment On A PC

04m 31s

What You Need To Know About Angular JS

03m 49s

Chapter: Building Apps With The Ionic


07m 33s

Exploring CSS Components VS Angular Components

01m 34s

Understanding The Ionic CLI

00m 40s

Using Ionic Serve

01m 7s

Using Ionic View

01m 20s

Chapter: Building The To Do App

Scaffolding The App

01m 56s

Creating The Initial Interface

07m 58s

Working With Lists

06m 41s

Adding Ionicons

02m 49s

Extending The App With Firebase

07m 54s

Adding Cordova Plugins

06m 17s

Chapter: Building A Weather App

Building A Weather App

01m 20s

Creating The Initial Interface

10m 4s

Getting Our Weather Data From Forecast.IO

06m 11s

Displaying Our Weather Data From Forecast.IO

05m 57s

Updating The Weather Data

03m 26s

Adding Pull To Refresh

02m 23s

Working With Geolocation

04m 32s

Styling Our App

01m 53s

Chapter: Building A National Park Guide App

Building A National Parks Guide App

06m 19s

Updating The Navigation

03m 11s

Updating The Controllers

02m 40s

Updating The HTML Templates

05m 43s

Loading Local Data

02m 25s

Creating Our Data Factory

03m 25s

Adding In Our Map

05m 38s

Add Markers To Our Map

05m 13s

Styling Our App

06m 0s

Chapter: Debugging And Testing Ionic Applications

General Overview Of Debugging

03m 2s

Working With Emulators - IOS

04m 55s

Working With Emulators - Android

02m 7s

Testing On Device - Android

01m 55s

Testing On Device - IOS

02m 11s

Using Ionic View

02m 41s

Proper Testing

00m 42s

Chapter: Finishing Up Our Ionic Application

Generating App Icons And Splash Screens

02m 54s

Preparing For Submission

01m 17s

Code Signing For IOS

00m 57s

Code Signing For Android

02m 38s

Additional Resources

00m 29s

The Road Ahead

00m 42s


00m 52s