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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

02m 24s

About The Author

02m 33s


09m 59s


06m 18s


03m 38s


08m 46s


10m 22s


03m 21s


07m 35s

Differences Between Editions

03m 27s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Settings And Publishing

Team Projects

07m 2s

Printing And Exporting

03m 43s

Previewing And Publishing Options

12m 54s

Web Embedded Fonts

03m 37s

Notes And Documentation

11m 39s

Grids And Guides

05m 36s

Chapter: Styling Pages, Widgets And Custom Shapes

Page Styles

06m 4s

Shapes, Icons, And Images

06m 14s

Creating And Applying Widget Styles

08m 42s

Interaction Styles

03m 52s

Format Painter

02m 3s

Naming Conventions

05m 3s

Pen Tool

03m 21s

Grouping Widgets

02m 48s

Chapter: Flow Charts And Wireframes

Creating Flow Charts

07m 37s

Annotated Wireframes

05m 11s

Chapter: Links And Forms

Understanding Cases, Actions, And Conditions

08m 42s

Three Types Of Links

13m 20s

Form Widgets

10m 30s

Radio Buttons And Groups

02m 51s

Writing Conditions On Checkboxes

14m 37s

Enabled And Disabled Widgets

06m 1s

Chapter: Custom-Designed Forms

Custom-Looking Input Fields

05m 3s

Custom Checkboxes

08m 22s

Custom Radio Buttons

02m 29s

Custom Droplists - Part 1

10m 11s

Custom Droplists - Part 2

12m 45s

Segmented Controllers

06m 38s

Chapter: Building A Navigation Menu

Treat As Flyout

05m 15s

Menus Responding To Each Other

05m 46s

OnMouseEnter Vs OnMouseHover

05m 25s

Mega Menus

14m 21s

Chapter: Dynamic Panels


03m 49s

Carousels - Part 1

08m 49s

Carousels - Part 2

12m 7s


15m 28s

Multiple Messages

11m 15s

Progressive Disclosure

08m 30s

Break Away Panels And Masters

03m 0s

Overlays And Lightboxes

13m 4s

Listeners - Automatically Running Processes

06m 52s

Snapshot Widget

05m 35s

Chapter: Variables


01m 58s

Store Information And Set Text

09m 30s

Using Variables Across Pages

06m 26s

Carousel Dots Gone Wild

08m 12s

Chapter: Accordions

Super Easy Accordions

10m 25s

Multiple Accordions Open - Part 1

17m 5s

Multiple Accordions Open - Part 2

10m 35s

One Accordion Open - Part 1

07m 28s

One Accordion Open - Part 2

06m 50s

Changing Size Of Background Container

08m 8s

Moving An Accordion And Using Variables

11m 42s

Chapter: iFrames

Scrolling Dynamic Panels

02m 19s

iFrame Widget And Embedded Video

03m 35s

Chapter: Pinning Panels

Pin Panel To Browser

05m 14s

Pin a Smaller Header

07m 41s

Back To Top

03m 18s

Pinning Overlays

02m 18s

Chapter: Adaptive Views


06m 35s

Designing For Multiple Breakpoints - Part 1

09m 7s

Designing For Multiple Breakpoints - Part 2

10m 15s


04m 30s

Chapter: Real Life Examples

Interactive Website

04m 40s

Complex Math

09m 7s

Mobile App

05m 19s

Chapter: Conclusion

What You Have Learned

01m 54s

Where To Go From Here

04m 40s