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Table of Contents

Chapter: Overview

Introduction, Motivation, and Agenda

03m 47s

Java EE Past, Present and, Future

13m 39s

Java EE Today

09m 34s

Java EE API Bird's Eye

02m 53s

Chapter: Demo Application

Cargo Tracker Walkthrough and Key Characteristics

21m 37s

Chapter: Java EE API Deep Dive

JSF Overview

07m 38s

JSF Demo

09m 21s

CDI Overview

05m 20s

CDI Demo

04m 19s

EJB 3 Overview

04m 50s

EJB 3 Demo

04m 47s

JPA Overview

07m 16s

JPA Demo

07m 58s

Bean Validation Overview

02m 1s

Bean Validation Demo

02m 35s

JMS Overview

02m 43s

JMS Demo

08m 49s

JAX-RS Overview

01m 48s


03m 36s

WebSocket Overview

02m 30s

WebSocket Demo

05m 45s

Batch Overview

05m 19s

Batch Demo

10m 54s

Java EE Platforms and Java EE API Implementations, Plugins, and Extensions

05m 24s

Chapter: Looking Ahead

Java EE 8 Possibilities and Samples

10m 57s

Adopt-a-JSR for Java EE 8

01m 49s

Chapter: Conclusion


01m 52s


03m 37s