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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Testing

The Course Overview

02m 42s

Testing and Why It’s Used

05m 5s

Understanding TDD versus BDD

04m 5s

Investigating Our Toolshed

02m 11s

Chapter: Understanding Jasmine

Introducing Jasmine

02m 40s

Making Our Way Through the Syntax

02m 48s

Writing a Simple Test

04m 40s

Hands-on Challenge – Adding to Our getNthElement Function

01m 32s

Using Backbone.js in Jasmine Tests

02m 42s

Chapter: Testing Models

Cooking Up a Model

02m 8s

Testing Instantiation and Defaults

02m 39s

Taking Care of Dietary Restrictions

04m 3s

Introducing Fixtures

02m 48s

Hands-on Challenge – Refactoring to Use Fixtures

02m 12s

Chapter: Automating the Process

Embracing Laziness

02m 11s

Installing Karma

02m 55s

Running Karma in Browsers

02m 18s

Making Our Tests Work with Karma

03m 6s

Chapter: Depending on AJAX

Collecting Our Recipes

03m 16s

Hands-on Challenge – Getting All the Variations

04m 31s

Mocking AJAX with Sinon.js

04m 23s

Setting Up a Mock Backend Server

03m 25s

Chapter: Testing Views

Setting Up Our Views

02m 54s

Templating and DOM Expectations

05m 34s

Rendering Our View

04m 6s

Taking Notes

07m 29s

Hands-on Challenge – Adding Recipes

04m 34s

Chapter: Testing Routers

Unit Testing Routers

02m 4s

Introducing Spies

04m 1s

Writing Our First Router Test

04m 43s

Hands-on Challenge – Routing Recipe Variations

04m 56s