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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Windows 10

Welcome To Windows 10

01m 16s

About The Author

08m 26s

What You Will Learn

03m 0s

Windows 10 Editions

05m 12s

Windows 10 Tour

05m 7s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: The Windows 10 User Experience

The Windows Lock Screen

05m 28s

Windows 10 Login Options - Part 1

05m 55s

Windows 10 Login Options - Part 2

02m 35s

Login Using Biometrics

02m 25s

Continuum In Windows 10

08m 24s

Tablet Mode Settings

04m 29s

Start Menu Or Start Screen

05m 35s

Work With All Apps And Tiles - Part 1

03m 49s

Work With All Apps And Tiles - Part 2

05m 44s

Organize With Start Groups

03m 23s

More About Personalizing The Start Menu

05m 24s

Shutdown And Logout Options

02m 14s

Chapter: Managing Device Settings

Unified Settings In Windows 10

05m 2s

Change Device Themes

05m 42s

Adjust Display Settings

04m 13s

Configure Multiple Monitors And Resolution

07m 16s

Designate A Screensaver

04m 50s

Modify Mouse And Touchpad Settings - Part 1

05m 30s

Modify Mouse And Touchpad Settings - Part 2

06m 20s

Configure A Pen Or Stylus

02m 25s

Controlling The Keyboard

05m 22s

Utilize Battery Saver

06m 13s

Optimize Power Plans

06m 6s

Establish Sync Settings

02m 38s

Use Quiet Hours

02m 56s

Chapter: Working On The Desktop

Change Taskbar Settings

07m 27s

Configure Actions And Notifications

05m 44s

Modify The Clock And Time Zones

07m 38s

Utilize App Switching And Task View

05m 33s

Work With Multiple Desktops

06m 30s

Sizing, Moving And Snapping Windows

06m 46s

Chapter: Managing Files And Folders

The Enhanced File Explorer

04m 13s

Share Directly From File Explorer

02m 26s

Modify File Explorer Views

05m 39s

Customize Library Content

02m 53s

Create Folders And Work With Files

05m 55s

Delete And Restore Files With The Recycle Bin

05m 29s

Use The Storage App To Identify Storage Issues

03m 56s

Chapter: Using Search And Cortana

Simplified Integrated Search From The Taskbar

06m 19s

Introducing Cortana - Your Digital Assistant

05m 34s

Cortana Settings

05m 49s

Train Cortana Through Her Notebook

04m 10s

Set Reminders With Cortana

05m 58s

Chapter: Simple Windows 10 Apps Make Life Easier

Get Excited About Alarms And Clocks

03m 18s

Not The Same Old Calculator App

02m 10s

Appreciate The Photo App

03m 51s

Chapter: Apps For Everyday Activities

Skype With Windows 10

05m 0s

The Improved Mail And Calendar Apps

01m 36s

Get The Complete Windows Experience With The Phone Companion App

01m 30s

Chapter: New Features For Multimedia

Listen To Music With Groove Music

04m 47s

Experience The Future With Hololens

01m 45s

Windows 10 And Xbox

03m 11s

Chapter: The New And Improved Windows Store

The Windows Store Landing Page

04m 26s

Universal Apps

05m 56s

Find Apps By Category And Search

04m 22s

Select And Install Apps

06m 51s

Paying for Windows Store Purchases

04m 10s

Chapter: Connecting To Networks

Review The Network And Sharing Center

07m 12s

Set Device Name And Workgroup

07m 30s

Connect To And Manage Wi-Fi Networks

05m 29s

Use Airplane Mode

02m 18s

Setup A Mobile Broadband Connection

02m 56s

Check Settings For Wi-Fi Sense

05m 36s

Use Network And Internet Settings

06m 12s

Chapter: Experience The Cutting Edge Browser

Edge Versus Internet Explorer

05m 5s

The Edge Hub

02m 22s

Favorites In Edge

02m 37s

Enjoy The Reading List And Reading View

04m 14s

Search From The Address Bar

04m 2s

Set The Edge Homepage

02m 44s

Annotate And Share Web Pages With Web Notes

06m 7s

More Actions In Edge

04m 3s

Chapter: Sharing Data And Resources

Create Or Join A Homegroup

04m 29s

Identify And Change The Homegroup Password

03m 28s

Access Shared Homegroup Files

04m 26s

Sharing Drives Folders And Files

04m 41s

Chapter: Working In The Cloud With OneDrive

Get Started With OneDrive

05m 24s

Configure OneDrive Settings

06m 19s

OneDrive Through A Browser

04m 49s

Get Files Into And Out Of OneDrive

06m 17s

Chapter: Keeping Windows 10 Secure

Manage User Accounts

06m 30s

Configure Assigned Access

02m 58s

Configure Privacy Settings

07m 42s

Work With Windows Firewall

07m 14s

Use Windows Defender

07m 1s

Encrypt Data With BitLocker

05m 43s

Chapter: Keeping Families Safe

Create Child Accounts

04m 19s

Family Settings For Kids Accounts - Part 1

05m 56s

Family Settings For Kids Accounts - Part 2

04m 59s

Chapter: Easing Use Of Windows 10

Key Ease Of Access Features

06m 28s

Easing Use Of The Keyboard And Mouse

04m 33s

Other Everyday Ease of Access Options

03m 27s

Chapter: Windows 10 Business And Enterprise Features

Business And Enterprise Features Overview - Part 1

03m 57s

Business And Enterprise Features Overview - Part 2

05m 38s

Business And Enterprise Features Overview - Part 3

03m 12s

Chapter: Maintaining Windows 10

Associating File Types With Apps

04m 20s

Run Programs As An Administrator

03m 21s

Checking What Is Running With Task Manager

06m 46s

Managing Startup Apps

03m 6s

Defragment Drives

05m 9s

Cleaning House With Disk Cleanup

03m 55s

Work With Windows Update

04m 10s

Back Up Files Using File History

03m 52s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

01m 11s