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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


03m 35s

Wireless Networking History

04m 47s

Wireless Certifications

05m 1s

Standards Organizations

05m 25s

WiFi Alliance

04m 51s

802.11 Standards Part - 1

05m 4s

802.11 Standards Part - 2

06m 2s

Regulatory Bodies

04m 52s

Chapter: Wireless Basics

How Wireless Works

04m 52s

Wireless SWOTs

04m 51s

Wireless Signal Characteristics

05m 7s

Wireless Components

05m 33s

Measuring Wireless Power Part - 1

04m 40s

Measuring Wireless Power Part - 2

02m 46s

Wireless Topologies

04m 22s

Chapter: Understanding RF

RF Behaviors Part - 1

05m 28s

RF Behaviors Part - 2

05m 8s

RF Behaviors Part - 3

03m 2s

RF Math

04m 31s

Rule of 10s And 3s

05m 23s

What is EIRP

02m 47s

Understanding Beamwidth

02m 57s

Chapter: Wireless Signaling

Bands Channels And Frequencies

06m 12s

What is Spread Spectrum

06m 35s


04m 12s


05m 53s


06m 42s

Common Wireless Bands

05m 25s

2.4 GHz Basics Part - 1

05m 45s

2.4 GHz Basics Part - 2

05m 21s

5 GHz Basics Part - 1

04m 48s

5 GHz Basics Part - 2

04m 20s

Bandwidth And Throughput

02m 33s

Chapter: Signal Transmission

Antenna Basics Part - 1

05m 5s

Antenna Basics Part - 2

04m 2s

Basic Antenna Types

05m 30s

Radiation Patterns

04m 42s

Reading Polar Charts

05m 18s

Parabolic And Grid Antennas

02m 34s

Sector Antennas

03m 5s

Line of Sight

04m 4s

Fresnel Zones

05m 56s

Understanding Antenna Diversity

05m 26s


05m 38s

Understanding Attenuators

03m 50s


06m 15s

Installation Concerns

06m 26s

Chapter: Wireless LANs

Wireless LAN Basics

06m 28s

Access Point Basics

06m 23s

SSID Basics

04m 52s


05m 20s

Distribution System

03m 38s

Extended Service Set

04m 48s

Independent Basic Service Set

03m 35s

Mesh Basic Service Set

04m 14s

Access Point Modes

05m 10s


06m 26s

Chapter: Wireless Security Fundamentals

Wireless Security Challenges

05m 3s

Wireless Security Policy

05m 47s


04m 26s

Data Protection

05m 36s

Segmentation And Monitoring

05m 33s

Client Authentication Options

04m 41s


06m 15s


05m 45s


03m 45s

MAC Filtering

03m 36s

Chapter: WLAN Design

Site Survey

05m 44s

Site Survey Tools

05m 41s

Customer Education

05m 16s

Existing WLAN Considerations

05m 22s

Security Requirements

04m 35s

AP Placement And Settings

05m 33s

Coverage Analysis

05m 57s

Chapter: WLAN Threats

Rouge AP

05m 18s

Soft APs

03m 20s


05m 17s

Configuration Errors

04m 43s

Denial of Service

04m 26s

Chapter: WLAN Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting 101

06m 2s

RF Interference

03m 49s

Adjacent Channel Interference

05m 26s

SNR Issues

04m 40s

Hidden Node Obstruction Part - 1

05m 3s

Hidden Node Obstruction Part - 2

01m 23s

Full Power Transmission

02m 54s

Physical Environment

03m 11s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

03m 25s