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Table of Contents

Chapter: Back to Basics – Learning the Best Practices

The Course Overview

02m 39s

The Project Structure and Scaffolding

03m 35s

Creating Controllers Using AngularJS Best Practices

03m 3s

Implementing Services Using Best Practice Methods

05m 18s

Chapter: Building a TV Show Tracker App

Providing TV Show Search Functionality

03m 10s

Building a Search Feature UI

05m 56s

Adding the Tracking Functionality

05m 29s

Persisting User Data Using Local Storage

03m 7s

Chapter: Writing Components with Directives

Directive Basics and Best Practices

06m 3s

Creating a showOverview Component

03m 6s

Creating a next-on Widget

05m 6s

Chapter: Using AngularUI Bootstrap to Enhance Your App

Adding Suggested Search

02m 54s

Adding Pagination

03m 57s

Adding Ratings

03m 4s

Chapter: Building Attractive Forms with Validation

Creating a TV Show Diary Feature

08m 0s

AngularJS Form Basics

04m 20s

Adding Custom Validation to AngularJS Forms

02m 51s

Animating a Form Error Message

02m 42s

Chapter: Troubleshooting and Enhancements

Two-way Data Binding Not Working

02m 43s

Horrible Waterfall Effect on Images with Slow Connections

03m 7s

Dealing with 404s

03m 5s

Wrapping Up

03m 39s