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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Knockout.JS

The Course Overview

05m 11s

The MVVM Design Pattern

05m 20s

The Observer Design Pattern

02m 37s

JavaScript Closures and the Module Pattern

05m 27s

Chapter: Displaying Data Using Knockout.JS

Creating Models, Views, and ViewModels

08m 26s

Displaying Model Data in a View

03m 49s

Data Binding HTML Attributes

04m 9s

Chapter: Two-way Data Binding in Knockout.JS

Updating the Model from the View and Vice Versa

06m 17s

Data Binding Form Fields

10m 33s

Controlling Form Fields with Data Binding

09m 26s

Chapter: Understanding Context in Knockout.JS

Examining the Different Types of Context

09m 22s

Binding with Templates

06m 19s

Using Multiple and Nesting ViewModels

05m 47s

Chapter: Using Computed Observables and Subscriptions

Creating Computed and Pure Computed Observables

07m 54s

Subscribing to Observables

05m 45s

Chapter: Custom Bindings, Custom Functions, and Extenders

Creating Custom Functions

04m 21s

Creating Extenders

04m 33s

Interacting with jQuery in Custom Bindings

09m 42s

Chapter: Previewing Advanced Knockout.JS

Using Components and Custom Elements

02m 54s

Using AMD Module Loaders

04m 8s

Examining Durandal to Build Single Page Applications (SPA)

03m 38s