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Table of Contents


01m 10s

About the Course and Why Data Governance

19m 12s

Data Governance Overview and Trends

18m 47s

Business Driven Context: A Data Governance Framework

10m 26s

Tools and Technologies of Traditional Enterprise Data - Impacted and Enabled by Data Governance

15m 27s

Understanding Where Data Governance Came From and Understanding Where it is Going

06m 14s

Business and Technology Frameworks: Your Key To Success

10m 22s

The Data Governance Organization Model: Coordinated for Improved Enterprise Data

25m 26s

Developing a Business Case for Data Governance: Identifying The Best Opportunities

27m 35s

Planning for Changes to Data Management Practices: Change Management 101

15m 27s

How to Implement Data Governance

13m 31s

Case Study: Pot Holes and Intrigue

25m 19s

Brief Intro to Agile & Coexistence with Data Management and Data Governance

12m 37s

Brief Intro to Big Data and the Evolving Role of Data Governance

18m 30s