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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Why Develop Maintainable Apps?

01m 9s

About The Author

01m 9s

Course Overview

01m 2s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Android Libraries

Choosing The Right Library

01m 57s

Choosing An Image Library - Part 1

05m 23s

Choosing An Image Library - Part 2

04m 13s

Choosing An Image Library - Part 3

02m 58s

Chapter: Domain Design Challenges

Domain Design Challenges In Android

01m 34s

Chapter: Software Design Principles

Software Design Principles

02m 42s


04m 19s

Separation Of Concerns

01m 14s

Law Of Demeter

01m 57s

Chapter: Architecting The Presentation Layer

Architecting The Presentation Layer

02m 0s

Chapter: Model View Presenter Pattern - MVP

Model View Presenter Pattern

01m 5s

Migrating To MVP Pattern - Part 1

05m 38s

Migrating To MVP Pattern - Part 2

03m 33s

Chapter: Static Code Analysis

Static Code Analysis

02m 10s

Chapter: Checkstyle

Overview Of Checkstyle

01m 44s

Getting Set Up

03m 34s

Cleaning Up Your Code

05m 18s

Chapter: PMD

Overview Of PMD

01m 33s

Getting Set Up

02m 58s

Cleaning Up Your Code

04m 36s

Chapter: FindBugs

Overview Of FindBugs

01m 43s

Getting Set Up

03m 2s

Cleaning Up Your Code

03m 18s

Chapter: Android Lint

Overview Of Android Lint

01m 57s

Getting Set Up

02m 39s

Cleaning Up Your Code

03m 19s

Chapter: Testing

Why Testing Matters

02m 54s

Chapter: Unit Testing

What Is Unit Testing?

02m 21s

Chapter: Unit Testing with JUnit

JUnit Overview

03m 54s

Getting Set Up

02m 41s

Creating Unit Tests

05m 44s

Chapter: Unit Testing with JUnit And Mockito

Mockito Overview

03m 27s

Getting Set Up

01m 57s

Creating Unit Tests With Mocks

06m 18s

Chapter: User Interface Testing

What is User Interface Testing?

04m 9s

Chapter: UI Testing With Espresso

Espresso Overview

03m 48s

Getting Set Up

03m 59s

Creating User Interface Tests

04m 54s

Chapter: Conclusion


00m 52s