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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About The Author

00m 28s

What You Should Expect From This Course

00m 54s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started

Running Solidworks

04m 17s

Using Help

06m 40s

The Solidworks UI

14m 40s

Customizing The UI - Part 1

04m 41s

Customizing The UI - Part 2

05m 24s

Customizing Shortcuts - Keyboard

08m 19s

Customizing Shortcuts - Shortcut Toolbar

02m 3s

Customizing Shortcuts - Tabs

02m 40s

Customizing Shortcuts - Mouse Gestures

02m 3s

Templates And File Types

02m 48s

Customizing Templates

07m 31s

File Properties

06m 41s

Chapter: Sketching

Starting A 2D Sketch

01m 26s

Basic Sketch Entities

09m 24s

Advanced Sketch Entities

12m 7s

Sketch Dimension

08m 14s

Sketch Relations

08m 55s

Move, Mirror, Patterns

11m 30s


10m 45s

Convert, Intersection And Construction

04m 10s

3D Sketch

04m 35s

3D Sketch Vs Projected Curve

04m 16s

Equations, Global Variables And Linked Dimensions

11m 0s

Reference Geometry

05m 15s

Chapter: Modeling A Machined Part

Design Intent And Planning For Machined Part

02m 25s

Additive Vs Subtractive Modeling

06m 44s

Machined Part Design 1

11m 41s

Machined Part Design 2

06m 20s

Machined Part Design 3

10m 42s

Chapter: Modeling A Molded Part

Design Intent And Planning For Molded Part

03m 56s

Drafted Part Design

09m 21s

Drafting In A Feature

07m 48s

Drafting After A Feature

09m 5s

Molded Part Design 1

05m 13s

Molded Part Design 2

07m 5s

Molded Part Design 3

05m 26s

Molded Part Evaluation

04m 37s

Chapter: Modeling A Sheetmetal Weldment

Design Intent And Planning For Sheetmetal Weldment

01m 5s

Bent Part Design Process

10m 10s

Basic Toolset

11m 36s

Flattening And Folding

03m 19s


13m 3s

Sheetmetal Part Design 1

08m 35s

Sheetmetal Part Design 2

08m 36s

Sheetmetal Part Design 3

12m 50s

Sheetmetal Part Evaluation

04m 44s

Chapter: Modeling Complex Geometry

Complex Sketches

13m 17s

Complex Features

11m 22s

Complex Surfaces

12m 49s

Complex Part Design 1

09m 53s

Complex Part Design 2

10m 31s

Complex Part Design 3

11m 20s

Complex Part Design 4

10m 45s

Complex Part Design 5

09m 51s

Chapter: Editing

Sketch Editing

04m 5s

Feature Editing

03m 44s


07m 20s


04m 18s

Edit Part Example 1

05m 37s

Edit Part Example 2

08m 5s

Chapter: Assemblies

Intro To Assemblies

06m 26s

Assembly Layout Sketch

07m 22s

Insert A Part

01m 40s

Create A Sub-Assembly

05m 48s

Insert A Sub-Assembly

04m 17s

Create An In-Context Part

12m 41s

Assembly Mates 1

11m 18s

Assembly Mates 2

05m 44s

Multi-Body Part Vs Sub-Assembly

07m 7s

Motion Study Example

05m 9s

Assembly References

02m 17s

Chapter: Visualization

Visualization In The UI

01m 35s

Real View

03m 29s

PV360 Preview

02m 34s


13m 2s


09m 2s


07m 2s


03m 52s

Views, Sections

07m 48s


10m 29s

Chapter: Configurations

Intro To Configurations

01m 26s

Part Configurations

09m 16s

Part Derived Configurations

04m 22s

Configuration Display States

04m 17s

Design Tables

08m 37s

Assembly Configurations

03m 3s

Exploded Views

04m 49s

Custom Properties

03m 30s

Chapter: Drawings

Introduction To Drawings

02m 5s

Templates And Formats

09m 47s

Creating A New Drawing

04m 19s

View Creation 1

07m 18s

View Creation 2

09m 28s

Dimensions And Annotations 1

08m 5s

Dimensions And Annotations 2

13m 3s

Creating Multiple Sheets

04m 16s

Exploded Views

03m 50s

Save, PDF And E-Drawings

07m 14s

Chapter: Additional Tips And Trick

Additional Tips 1

07m 56s

Additional Tips 2

06m 49s

Additional Tips 3

06m 5s

Chapter: Conclusion

Recap Of Lessons Learned

08m 44s

Additional Practice

02m 47s

Additional Resources

05m 7s


01m 12s