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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


02m 15s

About The Author

02m 10s

The Optimization Process

04m 25s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Setup And Workflow

Python Setup

02m 33s

What Does Cython Do?

05m 7s

Chapter: First Steps

Using Cython

04m 46s

Compiling Cython

04m 23s

Adding Tests - Part 1

04m 40s

Adding Tests - Part 2

04m 42s


05m 10s


02m 52s

Adding Types - Part 1

04m 15s

Adding Types - Part 2

05m 3s

Chapter: Exploring Cython With The Jupyter Notebook

Exploring Cython In The Notebook

02m 46s

Tour Of The Notebook

03m 58s

Timing Magic And Markdown

04m 21s

Cython Case Study With Color

06m 25s

Chapter: The Cython Language

Fundamentals Of Types

04m 26s

C Types In Detail

05m 34s

Adding Types To Code

04m 25s

Adding Types To Functions

05m 9s

Exceptions And Docstrings

04m 33s

Type Declaration For Built-In Python Types

04m 12s

Type Declaration For Native Structured Types

05m 48s

Python Native Types Vs Cython Native Types

04m 9s

Loops And Memoryviews - Part 1

02m 57s

Loops And Memoryviews - Part 2

03m 45s

Loops And Memoryviews - Part 3

04m 13s

Introduction To Strings In Cython

03m 5s

String Examples

03m 54s

Pointers In Cython

03m 22s

Pointers In Cython - Examples

03m 19s


05m 31s

Fused Types

04m 44s

Chapter: Extension Types

Extension Types

04m 52s

Attributes And Members

05m 37s

Initialization And Finalization

04m 21s

Initialization And Finalization - Case Study

06m 15s

Methods Of Extension Types

05m 21s

OOP Features - Inheritance And Polymorphism

04m 7s

OOP Features By Example

04m 40s

Be Careful Of Multiple Constructor Calls

02m 4s

Special Methods

03m 3s

Operator Overloading

04m 6s

Operator Overloading - Case Studies

06m 49s

Properties And Iterators

02m 16s

Chapter: Wrapping C And C++ Libraries

Working With C And C++ Libraries

06m 18s

.pxd Interface Files - Part 1

04m 52s

.pxd Interface Files - Part 2

03m 44s

.pxd Example - Mac

11m 16s

.pxd Example - Windows

11m 8s

Pre-Made .pxd Files

05m 21s

Standard .pxds Examples

03m 43s

Cython, C++ And You

04m 57s

C++ By Example

05m 37s

Chapter: Cython Compiler Directives

Cython Switches And Directives

03m 24s

How To Set Compiler Directives

03m 4s

A Tour Of Popular Directives

04m 21s

Chapter: Concurrency


06m 40s

Cython Parallel

03m 9s

Cython Parallel - Examples

05m 11s

Examples Using Threads

05m 51s

Chapter: Modules And Packages

Packaging For Fun And Profit

05m 42s

Building Cython Extensions

03m 40s

Making Wheels

02m 31s

Packages With .pxd Files

03m 30s

Packages Wrapping C Code - Easy Way

05m 13s

Packages Wrapping C Code - Hard Way

02m 46s

Packages Wrapping C Libraries

04m 50s

Chapter: Tips, Tricks, And Extras

Making Executables

06m 36s

Case Study - Pandas Datetimes

07m 13s


02m 7s

Faster Object Creation

02m 29s

Chapter: Conclusion


02m 20s