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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 The Node Environment

    1. Installing Node

    2. Saying Hello to the World with Node

    3. Node Hosting Environments

    4. The Node LTS and Upgrading Node

    5. Node, V8, and ES6

    6. Advanced: Node C/C++ Add-ons

  2. Chapter 2 Node Building Blocks: Global Objects, Events, and Node’s Asynchronous Nature

    1. The global and process Objects

    2. Buffers, Typed Arrays, and Strings

    3. Node’s Callback and Asynchronous Event Handling

    4. Nested Callbacks and Exception Handling

  3. Chapter 3 Basics of Node Modules and Node Package Manager (npm)

    1. An Overview of the Node Module System

    2. An In-Depth Exploration of NPM

    3. Creating and Publishing Your Own Node Module

    4. Discovering Node Modules and Three Must-Have Modules

  4. Chapter 4 Interactive Node with REPL and More on the Console

    1. REPL: First Looks and Undefined Expressions

    2. Benefits of REPL: Getting a Closer Understanding of JavaScript Under the Hood

    3. Multiline and More Complex JavaScript

    4. Stuff Happens—Save Often

    5. The Necessity of the Console

  5. Chapter 5 Node and the Web

    1. The HTTP Module: Server and Client

    2. What’s Involved in Creating a Static Web Server

    3. Using Apache to Proxy a Node Application

    4. Parsing the Query with Query String

    5. DNS Resolution

  6. Chapter 6 Node and the Local System

    1. Exploring the Operating System

    2. Streams and Pipes

    3. A Formal Introduction to the File System

    4. Resource Access with Path

    5. Creating a Command-Line Utility

    6. Compression/Decompression with ZLib

    7. Pipes and ReadLine

  7. Chapter 7 Networking, Sockets, and Security

    1. Servers, Streams, and Sockets

    2. Guards at the Gate

  8. Chapter 8 Child Processes

    1. child_process.spawn

    2. Running a Child Process Application in Windows

  9. Chapter 9 Node and ES6

    1. Strict Mode

    2. let and const

    3. Arrow Functions

    4. Classes

    5. Promises with Bluebird

  10. Chapter 10 Full-Stack Node Development

    1. The Express Application Framework

    2. MongoDB and Redis Database Systems

    3. AngularJS and Other Full-Stack Frameworks

  11. Chapter 11 Node in Development and Production

    1. Debugging Node Applications

    2. Unit Testing

    3. Keeping Node Up and Running

    4. Benchmark and Load Testing with Apache Bench

  12. Chapter 12 Node in New Environments

    1. Samsung IoT and GPIO

    2. Windows with Chakra Node

    3. Node for Microcontrollers and Microcomputers