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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About The Author

01m 45s

Course Outline

01m 10s


02m 35s

Finding Additional Help

03m 40s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Deployment Preparation

Overview Of Juypter

02m 27s

Notebook Internals

05m 46s

Config/Traitlets Part - 1

04m 5s

Config/Traitlets Part - 2

04m 44s

Config/Traitlets Part - 3

04m 46s

Choosing A Project For Your Deployment

04m 54s

Chapter: Securing The Single User Jupyter Notebook

Security Issues

02m 21s

Security Solutions Part - 1

04m 3s

Security Solutions Part - 2

02m 18s

Security Solutions Part - 3

03m 24s

Chapter: Nbviewer

Introduction To nbviewer And Docker

04m 4s

Installing nbviewer With Docker

04m 7s

Installing nbviewer From Source

03m 9s

Custom nbviewer Templates Part - 1

03m 38s

Custom nbviewer Templates Part - 2

05m 28s

Custom nbviewer CSS Part - 1

04m 37s

Custom nbviewer CSS Part - 2

04m 9s

Custom nbviewer Javascript

05m 17s

nbviewer Local Files

03m 58s

nbviewer Custom URI Rewrite Provider

07m 16s

Chapter: tmpnb

Intro To tmpnb

01m 56s

Installing tmpnb

03m 36s

Custom Notebook Image Part - 1

02m 20s

Custom Notebook Image Part - 2

03m 7s

Custom Notebook Image Part - 3

02m 23s

Custom Notebook Image Part - 4

03m 35s

Custom Notebook Image Part - 5

01m 2s

Custom Static Content

03m 25s

Setting Service Limits And Security

03m 57s

Chapter: JupyterHub

Intro To JupyterHub

02m 21s

Basic Installation Of JupyterHub

03m 47s

JupyterHub Demo

01m 59s

Dockerspawner Install Part - 1

03m 30s

Dockerspawner Install Part - 2

01m 18s

Github Authentification (Oauthenticator) Install Part - 1

02m 4s

Github Authentification (Oauthenticator) Install Part - 2

03m 14s

Shared Directories Part - 1

03m 43s

Shared Directories Part - 2

01m 48s

Increased Performance With NGINX Part - 1

03m 0s

Increased Performance With NGINX Part - 2

04m 47s

Increased Performance With NGINX Part - 3

03m 33s

Chapter: Conclusion


02m 53s