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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 36s

Using The Exercise Files

01m 15s

About Andy

04m 16s

Andys Top Ten

03m 42s

Chapter: Dreamweaver Basics


01m 6s

Loading Dreamweaver

03m 5s

The Dreamweaver Interface

05m 8s

Syncing Dreamweaver Settings

02m 22s

Creating And Managing Workspaces

04m 48s

Creating And Managing Shortcuts

05m 7s

Chapter: Site And File Management


01m 26s

Managing Local And Remote Sites

03m 19s

Creating A Working Site Folder

04m 13s

Defining The File Transfer Protocols

03m 40s

File Panel Options

03m 40s

Site Modification

02m 42s

Defining Site Structure

03m 2s

Synchronizing Local And Remote Sites

02m 17s

Cloaking Files And Folders

02m 30s

Chapter: Building Basic Site Pages


00m 44s

Making The Site Active

03m 30s

Creating A Basic Web Page

07m 49s

Working With Text And Titles

09m 11s

Generating Links

04m 18s

The Amazing Assets Panel

06m 11s

Validating Web Pages

03m 50s

Chapter: Formatting A Dreamweaver Page


00m 45s

Working With Page Properties

08m 25s

Using A Tracing Image

02m 44s

Basic Text Processing In Dreamweaver

05m 43s

The Microsoft Word Connection

06m 6s

Working With Paste Special

02m 15s

Direct Text Formatting Tricks

04m 42s

Creating A Downloadable Link

01m 44s

Chapter: Text Searches And Spell Checking


00m 51s

Performing A Find And Replace

08m 5s

Searching In More Than Text Fields

05m 37s

Additional Search Techniques

02m 43s

Working With Regular Expression

07m 1s

Performing A Spell Check

04m 38s

Chapter: Working With Pages And Images


00m 46s

Setting Up The Site

03m 14s

HTML5 Page Structure

03m 41s

Working With HTML5 Containers

09m 31s

Formatting HTML5 With CSS

08m 46s

Assets And Workspaces

07m 18s

Adding Images

04m 39s

Editing Images In Dreamweaver

06m 5s

Working With Photoshop

05m 24s

Chapter: Working With Page Formatting And Text


01m 5s

Site Planning 101

08m 8s

Building A Text Driven Page

05m 30s

Formatting The Page With CSS

04m 14s

Populating The Page With Text And Graphics

04m 26s

Adding A Scroll To A Text Box

04m 12s

Text Formatting Tricks

05m 38s

Additional Text Formatting Options

04m 24s

Converting Internal Style Sheets To External

03m 27s

Chapter: More On Cascading Style Sheets


00m 47s

Internal Versus External Style Sheets

03m 4s

Adding A Style Sheet To An Existing Document

05m 8s

Adding A Style Sheet To A New Document

03m 33s

Modifying An Existing Style Sheet

03m 6s

Creating A Secondary Style Sheet

04m 0s

Document Prepping

03m 24s

Chapter: Snippets, Templates, And Library Items


01m 10s

Loading Additional Exercise Files

01m 38s

Modifying An External Style Sheet

04m 41s

Manually Adding Navigation

03m 9s

Generating A Snippet

03m 38s

Working In The Library

02m 3s

Modifying Library Items

02m 30s

Creating A Template

04m 23s

Generating Editable Regions In A Template

03m 45s

Chapter: Generating Links


00m 51s

Generating Additional Site Pages

04m 43s

Modifying The Image Page

08m 21s

Creating Navigation Links

03m 18s

Generating Graphic Navigation

01m 13s

Working With Targeted Links

02m 46s

Controlling Link Options

03m 11s

Chapter: Tables, Classes And Behaviors


01m 35s

Loading Additional Site Files

01m 41s

Converting A Dreamweaver Page To A Template

09m 5s

Generating A Table

04m 18s

Working With Cell Properties

05m 56s

Modifying A Table With Classes

06m 15s

Working With Graphics And Behaviors

06m 34s

Modifying An Email

03m 46s

Chapter: Pulling It Together


00m 47s

Loading Additional Resources

02m 53s

Creating A Basic Landing Page

05m 12s

Modifying A Library Item

03m 26s

Creating The Media Page

10m 36s

Adding Media To The Media Page

05m 34s

Update And Check Navigational Links

02m 48s

Chapter: Getting Ready For Primetime


00m 49s

Setting Up For The Transfer

02m 30s

Site Validation And Reports

06m 43s

Working With Alt Text

03m 50s

Using Spell Check

03m 47s

Additional Validation Commands

02m 40s

Uploading The Site

02m 33s

Final Thoughts

01m 43s