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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction/The Basics

Course Introduction

04m 54s

About The Author

01m 50s

Block Structure

04m 9s

Scalar Variables

04m 9s

Rowtype Variables

01m 30s

Introduction To Tables

02m 22s

Index By Tables

03m 15s

Nested Tables

03m 12s


04m 4s


04m 4s

Control Structures

01m 15s

How To Access Your Working Files

06m 22s

Chapter: Errors

Error Introduction

05m 13s

Predefined Exceptions

05m 43s

Exception Handlers

05m 12s

User Defined Exceptions

03m 16s

Chapter: Data Manipulation

Query Introduction

03m 1s


09m 8s

Ref Cursors

03m 45s

Nested Cursors

03m 31s

Cursor Loops

01m 52s

Bulk Fetch

03m 39s

Inserting Data

02m 30s

Bulk Inserts

02m 52s

Insert Returning

02m 43s

Insert Save Exceptions

04m 34s

Updating Data

03m 38s

Bulk Updates

03m 13s

Update Returning

05m 1s

Update Save Exceptions

03m 55s

Deleting Data

02m 55s

Bulk Deletes

02m 40s

Delete Returning

03m 38s

Delete Save Exceptions

04m 18s


06m 17s

Chapter: Database Procedure


04m 28s

Calling Procedures

04m 6s

Chapter: Packages

Package Specification

03m 23s

Package Bodies

03m 7s

Package Private And Public

02m 55s

Calling Packages

04m 34s

Chapter: Triggers

DML Triggers

08m 16s

Trigger Ordering

03m 4s

Compound Triggers

03m 12s

DDL Triggers

05m 31s

Instead Of Triggers

07m 43s

Event Triggers

05m 27s

After Suspend Triggers

06m 39s

Chapter: Functions


03m 51s

Result Cache Functions

02m 51s

Table Functions

05m 46s

Pipelined Functions

02m 55s

Parallel Table Functions

06m 37s

Streaming Table Functions

04m 12s

Chapter: Code Compilation

PLSQL Compilation

03m 29s

Inquiry Directives

04m 42s

Conditional Compilation

04m 35s

PLSQL Optimize

02m 18s

Chapter: Code Assessment

PLSQL Warnings

05m 51s

PLSQL Profiler

03m 46s


01m 35s


06m 41s

Chapter: Security

Invoker Rights

05m 44s

Security Roles

02m 57s

Accessible By

03m 24s

Bequeath View

02m 27s

Inherit Privileges

03m 48s

Secure Roles

03m 53s

Chapter: Dynamic SQL

Dynamic SQL

02m 40s

Dynamic SQL Parameters

04m 24s

Dynamic SQL Returning

02m 55s

Chapter: Data Definition Language

DDL Create

03m 6s

DDL Modify

02m 34s

DDL Drop

04m 9s

Chapter: Tansactions


08m 22s

Read Only Transactions

02m 38s

Serializable Transactions

04m 22s

Autonomous Transactions

04m 13s


04m 58s

Chapter: PLSQL In SQL


06m 9s

Chapter: Wrap Up

Wrap Up

00m 40s