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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Course Overview

03m 17s

Downloading D3.js and Getting the Server Running

04m 57s

Console to the Rescue

06m 55s

Raw JavaScript Versus D3.js

07m 1s

Chapter: Binding Data to HTML Elements

Planning Our Page

05m 56s

Entering Our Data

06m 1s

Dynamic Color Range

05m 10s

Chapter: Using SVG

SVG and Other Image Formats

06m 34s

Advanced SVG

06m 59s

Using D3.js to Render SVG

05m 29s

Chapter: Entering, Updating, and Exiting with Data and SVG Shapes

Adding Shapes Dynamically Based on Data

06m 54s

Making Our Bar Chart Dynamic

03m 3s

Updating Our Bar Chart with New Data

04m 25s

Styling Our Bar Chart and Adding New Data

03m 41s

Chapter: Building Our First Visualization - A Scatter-plot

Retrieving Data

08m 4s

Plotting Data

06m 24s

Creating Axes

07m 53s

Chapter: Adding Interactivity

Registering Events on Elements

04m 12s

Creating a Mouse-over Tooltip

07m 19s

Updating Data with a Form (Part 1)

05m 33s

Updating Data with a Form (Part 2)

08m 37s

Chapter: Adding Transitions

Introduction to Transitions

08m 58s

Adding Transitions to Our Scatter-plot

04m 45s

Advanced Scatter-plot Transitions

05m 14s

Chapter: Building a GeoMap

Getting GeoJSON from Natural Earth

06m 21s

Creating a Choropleth with Data Values

08m 3s

Focusing on Reusability EIntegrating User Input

10m 7s

Finishing Touches EZooming, Tooltip, and Legend

09m 25s

Chapter: Putting It All Together - Geo-scatter

Refactoring and Planning

10m 12s

Drawing Country Shapes as Points

07m 19s

Geo-scatter Finishing Touches

09m 9s