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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Enterprise Software with Python

Introduction and Overview

03m 45s

Prerequisites and Viewing Guide

04m 38s

Chapter: Defining the Basics

What is Enterprise Software? 9 Hallmarks of Enterprise Software

08m 50s

What is Python? 3 Perspectives for the Organization

08m 2s

What is Python Not? 4 Common Misconceptions

08m 8s

When to Use Python? Motivations and Applications

13m 24s

Chapter: Architecture & Design

Designing Architectures: Professional Planning

05m 44s

Gathering Requirements: Understanding the 6 Aspects of Software

16m 55s

Researching Environments: From Production to Development

17m 48s

Choosing Dependencies: Evaluating Building Blocks

17m 34s

Getting Assistance: Finding Help in the Software World

13m 20s

Presenting Designs: Navigating the Organizational and Interpersonal

27m 18s

Chapter: Best Practices

Development Environments: Editors and Dev Tools

16m 33s

Source Control, Issue Tracking, and Continuous Integration

10m 42s

Workflow: Starting a Python Project

20m 15s

Design Patterns: Idioms for Python Projects

37m 31s

Debugging: Solving Problems in Python projects

27m 14s

Security: Software Risk Management Fundamentals

27m 33s

Code Review: Python Antipatterns and Collaboration

15m 47s

Testing: Practical Python Quality Engineering

15m 19s

Logging and Monitoring: Introspectable Python Projects

22m 16s

Profiling and Performance: Strategies for High-Speed Python

45m 47s

Documentation: Preserving the Legacy with Python

22m 33s

Packaging and Deployment: Going Live with Python

11m 20s

Chapter: Next Steps

Project Ideas: Building Experience

11m 10s

Technology Evangelism: Building a Community

18m 1s

Other Resources: Building Skills

11m 43s

Closing and Parting Words

05m 25s