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Table of Contents

Chapter: Peering Down on Meanville

The Course Overview

03m 7s

What Is the MEAN Stack?

02m 12s

Installing WebStorm

02m 7s

Installing npm, Bower, and Grunt

07m 30s

Installing Test Suites

03m 1s

What Do All of These Tools Do?

04m 29s

Hello, Mr. Grinch, Let’s Get MEAN!

04m 20s

Chapter: You’re a MEAN One!

The Application Introduction

06m 12s

Getting Started

08m 12s

The Dashboard

05m 56s

Adding a Customer

08m 49s

Listing Customers

02m 38s

Chapter: Building the Sled

Editing a Customer

04m 2s

Adding a Sale

06m 23s

Listing a Customer’s Sales

03m 59s

Editing a Sale

01m 38s

Using the Angular Bootstrap Date Picker

03m 28s

Chapter: Unwrapping the Presents

Automated Seeding of Data

05m 15s

Dashboard – Monthly and Quarterly Sales

09m 30s

Dashboard – Unfulfilled Orders

02m 14s

Dashboard – Recent Orders

02m 13s

Chapter: Loading the Presents onto the Sled

Node.js and MongoDB – Modeling in Mongoose

03m 9s

ExpressJS – Setting Up the Routes

06m 48s

AngularJS – Hooking Up the API

08m 11s

Full Stack – Adding a Customer

04m 54s

Full Stack – Adding a Sale

04m 39s

Chapter: Up to the Mountain — Testing the Stack

Node.js – Testing the Routes

04m 17s

Node.js – Testing the API

09m 1s

AngularJS – Testing the API

03m 0s

AngularJS – Testing the Controllers

04m 2s

AngularJS – Testing the Services

03m 19s

Chapter: A Change of Heart – Deploying Your Application

Grunt – Building a Distribution

03m 45s

Heroku – Publishing Your Code

02m 16s

Heroku – Setting Up the Database

02m 4s

Heroku – Setting Up Environment Variables

02m 1s

Viewing Your Application

01m 57s

Chapter: A Change in Tools

Learning Helpful Plugins

03m 1s

Using the Tools

01m 49s

Understanding the Caveats in Sublime

02m 42s