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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to React

The Course Overview

02m 56s

Setting Up Your Development Environment for React

04m 12s

JSX and Component Composition

03m 0s

The Component Life Cycle and the Virtual DOM

04m 50s

Chapter: First Screen “Orders”

Building a Solid Foundation

03m 12s

Adding Dynamic Content

04m 24s

Chapter: First Screen “Maintaining React Applications”

Writing Unit Tests for React Components

06m 39s

Unit Testing Complex React Components

04m 16s

Type Checking with Flow

02m 48s

Chapter: Retrieving Data from the Server

Fetching Orders from the Server

06m 51s

Manipulating the State

02m 57s

State Management

05m 2s

Chapter: Debugging and Performance Optimization

shouldComponentUpdate and React.addons.Perf

04m 57s

Troubleshooting Bugs with the React Chrome Extension

02m 45s

Chapter: Adding a Second Screen - The Dashboard

Utilizing a Router to Manage Our URLs and Main Entry Points

03m 27s

Adding Charts to the Dashboard

08m 5s

Chapter: React on the Server

Server-side Rendering and Routing

03m 27s

Server-side Rendering with Data

04m 10s

Chapter: E-mail Authoring with React

Adding a Digest E-mail with Inline Styles

02m 58s

Inlining SVG Charts Digest E-mail

04m 37s

Chapter: React Native

Setting Up a React Native iOS App

03m 24s

Rendering Orders with Data from the Server in iOS

03m 57s