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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Pandas?

02m 27s

About The Author

00m 43s


03m 52s

Pandas Vs. Other Platforms

03m 29s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Basic Series

Python Lists

02m 30s

Numpy 1D Arrays

04m 40s

Pandas Series

02m 48s

Boolean Arrays

03m 35s

Series Index

03m 23s

Chapter: More Series

Data Types

03m 23s


03m 30s

Broadcasting Operations

06m 1s

Crud Operations Reading

07m 0s

Crud Operations Update

05m 25s

Crud Operations Deletion

02m 22s

Summary Statistics

04m 41s

Dealing With Duplicates

06m 23s

Dealing With Nan

05m 58s


02m 39s


04m 47s

Chapter: Dataframe Basics

Columnar Data

03m 53s

Similarities To Python Dictionaries

05m 0s

Creation From Lists And Dicts

04m 0s

Reading CSV Files

01m 49s

Chapter: Relational Algebra


08m 15s


03m 30s

Cartesian Product

06m 55s


03m 53s


02m 57s

Chapter: More Dataframes

Exploring Data

03m 40s

Axes Of Dataframes

02m 1s

Index And Columns

03m 3s

Summary Statistics

03m 47s


05m 9s

Transposing Data

01m 38s

Chapter: Tweaking Dataframes

Adding Rows

06m 32s

Adding Columns

02m 58s

Applying Functions To Columns

04m 11s

Removing Columns

02m 34s

Sorting Data

05m 22s

Iteration Over Data

05m 33s

Setting Data

05m 34s

Chapter: Joins

Concat With Rows

03m 8s

Concat With Cols

01m 44s

Inner Join

02m 22s

Outer Join

03m 29s

Left Join

02m 46s

Right Join

01m 24s

Join On Index

01m 48s

Chapter: Filtering Dataframes

Filtering Columns

02m 46s

Boolean Arrays

01m 4s

Filtering Rows

01m 4s

Using Functions To Filter

04m 11s

Boolean Operations For Filtering

02m 38s

Dealing With Nan

03m 44s

Chapter: Grouping

Basic Grouping

03m 15s

More Grouping

03m 58s


04m 4s


02m 50s

Chapter: Serialization

CSV Reading And Writing

07m 19s


05m 25s


01m 33s


02m 33s


03m 31s

Chapter: Plotting

Basic Plotting

05m 20s


06m 2s

Bar Plots

02m 44s

Line Plots

03m 8s


05m 23s

Chapter: Time Series

Date Manipulation

05m 7s

Window Functions

05m 29s


01m 38s

Chapter: Machine Learning

Using Pandas With Scikit-Learn

05m 38s

Sample Regression

04m 37s

Chapter: Sample Application

Crawling Data

08m 52s

Crawling Data - Part 2

05m 33s

Munging Data

07m 50s

Munging Data - Part 2

06m 53s

Plotting Data

09m 9s

Creating An Infographic

05m 35s

Creating An Infographic - Part 2

06m 1s

Chapter: Conclusion


00m 32s