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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Overview of the Video Course

05m 46s

Why a Pattern Language for Microservices?

15m 10s

Chapter: Core Microservice Patterns

Core Patterns: Overview

04m 6s

Monolithic Architecture

10m 42s

Introduction to the Microservice Architecture

14m 37s

Benefits and Drawbacks of Microservices

19m 43s

Partitioning Strategies

14m 7s

Chapter: Deployment Patterns

Deployment Patterns Overview

04m 5s

Multiple Services Per Host

05m 20s

Services Per VM

05m 58s

Service Per Container

06m 2s

Chapter: Communication Patterns

Communication Patterns Overview

03m 7s

Communication Patterns: API Gateway

12m 4s

Communication Patterns: Inter-Process Communication

20m 28s

Communication Patterns: Service Discovery

11m 1s

Communication Patterns: Service Registration

07m 48s

Chapter: Microservice Chassis

Microservice Chassis

07m 18s

Chapter: Event-Driven Microservices

The Problem of Microservices and Data Consistency

12m 23s

Using Events to Maintain Data Consistency

12m 52s

Overview of Event Sourcing

18m 8s

Designing a Domain Model Based on Event Sourcing

14m 7s

Event Sourcing Domain Model

10m 21s

Implementing Queries in an Event Source Application

10m 38s

Event Sourcing and Microservices

03m 45s

Chapter: Getting There

Incrementally Refactoring a Monolith Into Microservices

03m 49s

Strategy #1: Stop Digging

03m 1s

Strategy #2: Split Front-End & Backend

02m 15s

Strategy #3: Extract Services

09m 24s

Designing an Anti-Corruption Layer

05m 14s

Refactoring Case Study

10m 4s


03m 34s